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1-1) What is the max seating capacity excluding crew?
74 Passengers (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-2) What are the aircraft length, height and wingspan?
Length=107 ft 9 in, Height=27 ft 4 in, Wingspan=93 ft 3 in. (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-3) What is the Min turning radius?
84 ft 5 in (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-4) What areas are not included within the pressure vessel?
Forward of the Flight Deck , and aft of the Rear Cargo Bay (Empennage). (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-5) What is the total number of doors not including cockpit escape hatch?
Six doors including 2 baggage doors (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-6) How many can be used in an emergency evacuation?
Four emergency exits, not including escape hatch. (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-7) Can the baggage compartment doors be used as evacuation exits?
No the forward baggage compartment can’t be opened from the inside; aft baggage compartment can’t be accessed from the cabin (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-8) What doors use de-ice bleed line seals?
The Main Cabin Door and the Aft Cargo Door. (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-9) What emergency exit does the DOORS page on the MFD not monitor?
Cockpit Escape Hatch (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-10) Can the flight deck escape hatch be used to ventilate the flight deck? Is it recommended?
The flight deck escape hatch may be used to ventilate the flight deck, however, it is not recommended since the hatch may be difficult to close and lock. (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-11) What CWP(s) is/are associated with aircraft doors?
Master Warning FUSELAGE DOORS (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-12) What does the ANVS system provide?
Active noise and vibration suppression (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-13) Controls for the ANVS system are located where?
Flight attendant control panel (CFM Vol. II Chapter 3)
1-14) Which lights operate on the hot battery bus?
Dome lights and Entry Lights (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-15) When do the emergency lights automatically activate?
The emergency lights supply interior and exterior lighting for use in emergency situations or in the event the left main 28 volts DC bus should fail (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-16) When does the EMERG LIGHT DISARMED caution light illuminate?
Selecting the EMERG LIGHT switch to the off position will result in illumination of the EMERG LIGHT DISARMED caution light (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
1-17) How many battery packs are there for the emergency lights?
The emergency lighting system is powered by four 6.4 volt NiCad battery packs located above the passenger compartment in the vicinity of the forward and aft cabin exit doors (CFM Vol. II Chapter 1)
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