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Which is the following is not a type of culpability in the model penal code? ? ? ? Knowledge, Negligence, Willfulness
General intent is the intent to
do a criminal act
Legal or proximate cause issues involve the?
Justice of making the defendant responsible for this harm
The strongest argument against strict liability crimes is that
they result in the punishment of people who are not blameworthy
If it is not the defendants conscious objective to cause the harm, but he is aware that the harm will occure, the defendant is said to have the model penal code mens rea termed
Conscious risk creation is called
An event that occur after the defendents act and before the harm and has causal connection to the harm is called an _____ act or cause
Being aware of a serious risk but going ahead and taking it anyway is the form of intent called
According to the Model Penal Code,____ is a defense whenever the mistae prevents the formation of a culpable state of mind
Mistake of fact
Recklessness is a awareness of
Substatial and unjustifiable risk
Recklessness involves conscious ___ creation
Mistake of ___ is never a defense to a criminal charge
The mental element of the crime is called the ___ rea
Mens Rea
A ___ crime is a crime motivated by hatred of the victims religion, race, ethnicity, etc
A crime without an intent element is called a strict ___ crime
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