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Layer 7 of the OSI model?
Which layer of the OSI model handles the segmentation of data?
Transport Layer (L4)
What term is used to refer to the "over-all" communication itself?
What are the 4 primary tasks of the Presentation layer (OSI L6)?
OS Compatibility; Data Encapsulation; Data Formatting; Data Encryption, Compression, and Translation
What two questions must a router answer for each data packet?
What valid paths exist from local router to destination? and What is the best path?
Which OSI layer adds both a header and a trailer to the data?
Data Link (L2)
MAC addressing operates at what layer of the OSI model?
Data Link (L2)
What are the four layers of the TCP-IP networking model?
Application, Transport, Internet, Network Access
What OSI layers correspond to the Network Access layer of the TCP-IP model?
Data Link (L2) and Physical (L1)
What term is used to describe data at the Transport Layer (OSI L4)?
What term is used to describe data at the Application Layer (OSI L7)?
What term is used to describe data at the Network or Routing Layer (OSI L3)?
What term is used to describe data at the Data Link Layer (OSI L2)?
What is the term for interaction between layers on the same host?
Adjacent Layer Interaction
What is the term for interaction from host to host at the same layer?
Same Layer Interaction
OSI L2, Data Link, performs error ______ ?
Detection (NOT correction)
What are the four major specifications operating at L2?
Ethernet, High Data Link Control (HDLC), Point to Point Protocol (PPP), and Frame Relay
What layer do switches operate at?
Data Link
What layer do WAPs operate at?
Data Link
What layer do routers operate at?
What layer do DSL and cable modems operate at?
Data Link
At what layer does the IP protocol operate at?
Network (OSI L3)
What are the two major protocols that operate at the Transport layer?
Which layer is responsible for the setup, maintenance, and tear-down of connections between two hosts?
Session Layer (L5)
At what layer does authentication take place?
Application (L7)
At what layer does encryption take place?
Presentation (L6)
At what layer does SNMP operate?
Application (L7)
At what layer do firewalls operate?
Application (L7)
Any protocol requiring users to enter a request is an _________ protocol.
Application (L7)
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