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What item is developed in Phase I (Plan)?
Traininf Project Plan (TPP)

When approved, the TTP becomes the authorization and blueprint to undertake a new or revised course.
What is the purpose of Phase II (Analyze) and what item gets devloped in this phase?
The purpose of the analyze phase is to determine what will be taught in the new or revised course.

Course Training Task List (CTTL) Which serves as a foundation for writing the terminal and enabling objectives for the course.
List the items that are developed in Phase III (Design)?
Learning Objectives, Curriculum Outline of Instruction (COI), and Training Course Control Document (TCCD).
State the two categories of learning objectives.
Terminal Objective

Enabling Objective
What items are developed in Phase IV (Develop)?
Lesson Plan. Trainee Guide, Test and support material.
What is the purpose of Instructional Media Materials (IMM) and Visual Information (VI)?
Instructional Media Material (IMM) are used to introduce, reinforce, or supplement training provided in the formal environment.
What is the first rule for writing a Course Training Task List (CTTL) statement?
Each statement will begin with a PERFORMANCE ACTION VERB and contain the OBJECT of the action of that verb.
State the purpose of testing.
Tests are the primary tool for determining trainee attainment of TOs/EOs and, therefore his/her relative success in the course.
Explain the purpose of conducting a Pilot (Phase IV).
The purpose is to validate the Curriculum and Material, and to determine their effectiveness in attaining the Course Objectives(s)
List all Phases.
List the three relationships that are used in the CTTL.
What are the diffrences between the COurse Mission Statement and a Terminal Objective?
The primary difference is that a TO relates to trainee behavior, while the Course Mission Statement is descriptive of the course - not the trainee.
What are three products of a Training Course Control Document?
Front Matter

Curriculum Outline of Instruction: Consisting of terminal and enabling objectives are displayed in the order they will be taught.

Annexes: Provide the resource requirements and time allocations for the training course.
List the Volumes of NAVEDTRA 140 and their purpose.
Volume I Develeopers Guide - contains standards and conventions for te devopment of training programs.

Volume II Sample Products 0 provides samples of each of the management and curriculum documents in a format that is consistent with the standards and conventions discussed in Volume I.

Volume III Managers Guide - is designed for the individual charged with the management of a course revision or development.
Identifiy the follwing abbreviations/acronyms.
(1) LP  =  Lesson Plan

(2) D-D-A Page =
Discussion-Demonstration-Activity Page

(3) TO  =  Terminal Objectives

(4) EO  =  Enabling Objective

(5) DP  =  Discussion Point

(6) RIA  =  Related Instructor Activity

(7) IMM  = Instructional Media Material
Where would you find the procedures for handling and storing classified training materials?
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