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Only Windows Server 2008 includes DHCP client capabilities.
DHCP communications are always initiated by the server.
The primary reason for distributing the DHCP Server service is its reliance on broadcast messaging.
To enable the broadcast traffic on each subnet to reach DHCP servers, you must install a DHCP relay agent on each subnet.
DNS servers never purge their cached information.
To which type of server do client computers on the network send their DNS queries?
DNS servers
What must at least one DNS server support when running Active Directory on your network?
 Service Location (SRV) resource record
There are many reasons for registering an Internet domain name. Which of the following is one of those reasons?
create email addresses
What process is used when it is necessary for a computer to convert an IP address into a DNS name?
reverse name resolution
  The DNS server receiving a name resolution request can take full responsibility for resolving the name by using what type of query?
What is the full DNS name for a particular computer called?
fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
Which ID will identify all or part of a specific physical link on the subscriber’s network, which will enable subscribers to create as many subnets as needed?
Subnet ID
Which ID will identify the ISP that assigns a portion of the address space to a certain subscriber?
Provider ID
Which method is most frequently used for providing fault tolerance to DHCP servers?
splitting scopes
The DHCP relay agent capability is built into which role in Windows Server 2008?
Network Policy and Access Services
There are many advantages to the distributed DHCP infrastructure. Which of the following is not an advantage?
Clients have the ability to install and configure a large number of DHCP servers
Which type of DHCP packet is used by servers to acknowledge a client’s acceptance of an offered IP address?
Which of the following is not a message type defined by the DHCP communication protocol?
Which of the following is not a standard DHCP address allocation method?
By default, the DHCP Server service in Windows Server 2008 uses dynamic allocation, leasing IP addresses to clients for how many days?
6 days
Which of the following is a disadvantage of a centralized DHCP infrastructure?
burden on the servers increase
Each individual domain name can be no more than how many characters?
Which of the following was not an objective of the DNS name resolution project?
Avoid creating traffic bottlenecks and a single point of failure.
Which of the following is not an element of DNS?
resource record
Which of the following is not a top-level domain?
Automatic allocation is suitable for networks where you do not often move computers to different __________.
When splitting scopes using the __________ rule, it is not necessary to deploy multiple DHCP servers on each subnet.
In a Windows DHCP server, a(n) __________ allocated address is called a reservation.
The DHCP __________ enables you to exclude specific addresses from the scope range and specify any value for the lease duration.
In the early days of TCP/IP networking, each computer had a list of names and their equivalent IP addresses called a(n) __________ table
When a computer boots for the first time with the DHCP client active, the client generates a series of __________ messages to solicit an IP address assignment from a DHCP server and broadcasts them on the local network.
When the DHCP client reaches the 50 percent point of the lease’s duration (called the renewal time value or T1 value), the client enters the __________ state and begins generating DHCPREQUEST messages and transmitting them as unicasts to the DHCP server holding the lease.
A(n) __________ is an administrative entity you create on a DNS server to represent a discrete portion of the DNS namespace.
In a(n) __________ DHCP infrastructure, DHCP servers are all placed in a single location, such as a server closet or data center.
  A(n) __________ is a DNS server that receives queries from other DNS servers that are explicitly configured to send them.
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