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_____ goals lead to the attainment of _____ goals, which in turn lead to the attainment of _____ goals.
Operational, tactical, strategic
Managers use _____ to direct employees and resources towad achieving specific outcomes that enable the organization to perform efficiently and effectivley.
Operational goals
All of the following are characteristics of effective goal setting EXCEPT
goals should be set for every aspect of employees behavior
One major problem with MBO is
it does not work well in constantly chaning environments
Numerous _____ are likey to be part of an overall _____.
projects, program
An examply of a _____ is a statement supporting the organization's efforts in the area of sexual harassment.
_____ involves looking at trends and discontinuities and imagining possible alternative future to build a framework within which unexpted future events can be managed.
Scenario Building
Which of the following is abusiness activity that an orgazination does especially well relative to its competition?
Core Competance
When AT&T decided to buy Media One, a cable company, it was pursuing a
corporate-level strategy
Ford's decision to completely redesign its Ford Taurus can be classified as a
business level strategy
Which of these questions is central to a functional-level strategy?
How do we support our choses strategy
Fred has been assigned to conduct a SWOT analysis for his organization, Flinstones, Inc.  As a part of this assignment, Fred will
search for strengths, weaknesses, oppurtunities, and threats that impact his firm
How business units and product lines fit together in a logical way is the essence of
portfolio strategy
Which of these is true about the cash cow?
It has a large market share in a slow growth industry.
Which of the following refers to the acquisition of businesses that are related to current product lines or that takes the corporation into new areas?
With a(n)  _____ strategy, the organization concentrates on a specific regional market or buyer group.
As a way of implementing their differntiation strategy which emphasizes qualtiy, ABC Corporation decided to switch from an assembly line manufacturing system to a system based on work teams.  This is an example of which of the dimensions used for implementing strategy?
Structural design
_____ refers to the process of identifying problems and then resolving them
Examples of non-programmed decisions would include the decision to
develope a new product or service
Under conditions of _____, statistical analyses are useful.
____ means that mangers know which goals they wish to achieve, but information about alternatives and future events is incomplete.
Which approach defines how a decision-maker should make decisions?
The _____ model of decision making describles how manager actually make decisions in situations characterized by nonprogrammed decisions, uncertainty, and ambiguity.
The _____ model closely resembles the real environment in which most managers and decision-makers operate.
"When did it occur" and "how did it occur" are questions associated with which step of the decision making process?
Diagnosis and analysis of causes
Which style is used by people who prefer simple, clear-cut solutions and problems?
People with a(n) _____ style usually are concerned with the persnoal developement of others and may make decision that help others achieve their goals.
Strategy defines _____ to do (it) while organizing defines _____ to do (it)
what; how
Unity of command and the scalar principle are both closely related to the
chain of command
The people with authority and responsibility are subject to reporting and justifying task outcomes to those above them in the chain of command is called
When departments are gouped together on the basis of organizational outputs, the organization is using a
divisional structure
Which of following is a contemporary approach to structural desing in departmentalization?
_____ is an organization structure that divides the major functions of the organization into seperate companies and coordinates their activities from a small headquarters organization.
The virtual network approach
All of the following are advantages of a divisional structure EXCEPT
there is little duplication of services across division
Typically, project managers have authority over _____ but not over _____ assigned to it.
the project; people
An organized group of related tasks and activities that work together to tranform inputs and outputs and create value refer to the
Which of the following in an incorrect fit in a stable organizational environment?
horizontal structre
All of the following are characteristics of creative organizations EXCEPT
Which of the following means extending the search for and commercializing new ideas byond the boundaries of the organization and even beyond the boundaries of the industry?
Open innovation
Which of the following is a person who sees the need for and fights for productive change in an organization
An idea champion
Which of the following refers to a major shift in the norms, values, attitudes, and mindset of the entire organization?
Culture Change
Which of the following is defined by the text as the application of behavioral science knowledge to improve an organization's health and effectivness through its abilithy to cope with environmental changes, improve interanl relationships, and increase problem-solving capabilities?
Organizational developement
_____ is an approach that brings together participants from all parts of the organization to discuss problems or oppurtunities and plan for major change.
Large-group intervention
Organizational develpement specialists identify three disctince steps for achieving behavioral and attitudnal changes.  These are...
unfreezing, changing, and refreezing
_____ indicates a disparity between existing and desired performance levels.
Performance gap
Harvest International is anticipating changes in their production prodcedures.  You have been assigned to identify potential barriers to the change and suggest solutions to these barriers.  You are using
force field analysis
Which approach to change implementation should be used when a crisis exists?
Today, more than ever, strategic decisions are related to human resource considerations.  Which of the following refers to the economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees?
Human Capital
The hiring of applicants based on criteria that are not job-related is called
The _____ prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals by employers for a demand of "reasonable accomodation."
America with Disabilities Act
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