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To use SCSI on a server, all of the devices and host adapters must support the same standard.



Adding a NAS device to your network is a simple way to provide users with additional storage and reduce the processing burden on your servers.

You can mark an existing dynamic disk as active.
Converting the disk partition style is a nondestructive process.
Once you change a basic disk to a dynamic disk, the only way you can change it back again is to back up the entire disk and delete the dynamic disk volumes.
What is the maximum dynamic volume size for a RAID-5 volume in Windows Server 2008?
62 terabytes
What is the maximum dynamic volume size for simple and mirrored volumes in Windows Server 2008?
2 terabytes
What is the maximum NTFS file size in Windows Server 2008?
244 bytes (16 terabytes) minus 64 kilobytes
What is the maximum NTFS volume size in Windows Server 2008?
232 clusters minus 1 cluster
By default, the paging file on a Windows Server 2008 computer is __________ time(s) the amount of memory installed in the computer.
Shadow copies can utilize up to __________ percent of a volume by default
Which of the following options should be considered the minimum acceptable rotational speed for a server?
10,000 rpm
The newer serial ATA (SATA) standard increases the maximum transmission speed to __________ MB/sec.
SCSI offers transmission rates up to __________ MB/sec.
Which fault tolerance solution uses duplicate host adapters as well as duplicate hard drives?
disk duplexing
Which of the following is a hard disk partition style supported by Windows Server 2008?
The GPT disk partitioning style supports volumes up to __________ exabytes.
Which of the following is the preferred file system for a server?
Which command prompt utility can be used to perform disk management tasks?


In what type of configuration does the computer write the same data to identical volumes on two different disks?

disk mirroring
For applications that use large data files, such as databases and email stores, which access is preferable?
block I/O
In what type of communication can servers access storage devices over the SAN as if they are connected directly to the computer?
server to storage
What is the maximum transmission speed for fiber optic?
10 Gbps
Which of the following protocol layers defines the basic transport mechanism of a Fibre Channel network, including the frame format and three service classes: a connection-oriented class, a connectionless class with acknowledgments, and a connectionless class without acknowledgments?
Which of the following is a hardware or software device running on a computer that accesses the storage devices on the SAN?
iSCSI initiator
The maximum size for a memory dump file is the amount of memory installed in the computer plus __________ megabyte(s).
one, 1
A typical Windows Server 2008 installation with the File Services role takes just over __________ GB.
seven, 7
System requirements for Windows Server 2008 recommend 40 GB and state that __________ GB is optimal.
eighty, 80
For a Server Core installation, __________ GB is recommended and 40 GB is optimal.
ten, 10
Fault tolerance technologies can profoundly affect disk __________.
The best gauge of a drive’s performance is the rotational speed of the __________ that holds the platters.
NCQ enables a drive to __________ the order in which it processes commands to minimize drive seek times.
SCSI offers support for up to __________ devices on a single bus and the ability to queue commands on each device.
sixteen, 16
__________ is a mathematical algorithm that some RAID levels use to provide data redundancy in their disk write operations.
Most personal computers use __________ disks because they are the easiest to manage.
x of y cards