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observed or manifested characteristic
Lacking any exposure to language before adolescence, a person will never master any language due to the______of unemployed neural connections
Cannon-Bard Theory
Conscious experience, physiological arousal, expressive behavior occur simultaneously
Some kinda subjective conscious experience (feeling) involving physiological arousal accompanied by expressive behavior
genetics/heredity inborn Innate Unlearned
sex linked genetic defects
found on the x chromosome found on the 23rd pair of chromosomes
Carlos was born with cataracts in both eyes. Even though they were removed when he was 5, his lack of visual experiences during early childhood makes it likely that he has experienced
degeneration of neural connections in visual reception areas of the brain
it is characteristic of robins to build nests. this is an example of
an instinct
Hans selye referred to the body\'s response to stress as
the general adaptation syndrome
According to the cannon-bard theory of emotion
You experience fear at the same time your heart begins pounding
the term social clock refers to
the culturally preferred time to leave home, marry, have children, and retire
What are the 3 stages of the general adaptation syndrome
The alarm stage Resistance stage Exhaustion stage
Mrs chen asks her teenage son, keith, to rake the leaves on the yard. Keith is almost likely to want to help his mother after
Receiving news that he has just won $1000 in state lottery.
16 year old jill loves ice cream and other rich foods, but she has become increasingly anxious about gaining too much weight. She frequently overeats and then intentionally vomits in an attempt to control her weight. Jill most clearly suffers from
Bulimia nervosa
the process by which we perceive and respond to events that threaten or challenge us is called
Piaget is best known for his interest in the process of_______ development
the awareness that things continue to exist even when they are not perceived is known as
object permanence
James-Lang Theory
We\'re sad because we cry Expressive behavior-->physiological arousal-->conscious experience
The catharsis hypothesis refers to the idea that
Anger is reduced by aggressive action or fantasy
Relative deprivation principle
We compare ourselves to others Generally people who are better off.
research has indicated that rats becomes more vulnerable to ulcers when exposed to______shock
girl receives a______ chromosome from her father and a_____ chromosome from her mother
which theory states that emotion results from the cognitive labeling of our physiological arousal
if a genetically based attraction to beautiful people contributes to survival, that trait will likely be passed on to subsequent generations. this the best illustrates
natural selection
Individuals who are most vulnerable to anorexia are those who live in cultures that idealize
Thin bodies
a lack of sufficient oxygen intake is an example of a
Patents who make few demands on their children and use little punishment are
compared to enviromentally impoverished rats, those rats housed in enriched environments experienced a dramatic increase in the number of their
According to piaget, people are first able to reason abstractly and think hypothetically during the_______ stage
formal operational
Excess neuralconnections in the brain\'s association areas are reduced through a process of
Dr ligorano devoted his professional life to researching the desires and needs that energize and direct behavior. His area of research has obviously been
When is stress likely to cause problems?
When it\'s: Intense Repeated Unpredictable Uncontrollable Linked to pressure Also: your perception of the situation and your perceived competence to deal with it.
For children in impoverished environment, simulating educational experiences during early childhood are most likely to
Prevent the degeneration of activated connections between neurons
Suggests lashing out is a good response to anger. Not empirically supported
chemicals or viruses they can be transferred from a mother to her developing fetus are called
virtually all mental activity is devoted to taking in info through their senses and learning to control motor behaviors
Genetic influences on personality traits are most clearly highlighted by comparing___ with____
identical twins raised together fraternal twins raised together
Sum of all genetic info underlying genetic info
the specific body weight maintained automatically by most adults over long periods of time is known as the
set point
Adaptation level principle
Compares ourselves to where we were previously, and we get acclimated.
The body\'s tendency to maintain a constant internal state is known as
The home environment most clearly has a greater influence on children\'s______than on their_________
religious beliefs personality traits
an incentive is a
Positive or negative enviromental stimulus that motivates behavior
external influences on development such a social support our said to constitute our
the 4 stages of cognitive development
Sensorimotor Preoperational Concrete operations Formal operations
Common sense theory
We cry because we\'re sad Conscious experience--> physiological arousal--> expressive behavior
adolescent and their parents are most likely to have disagreements regarding
any environmental agent that disrupts normal healthy development
Human development
scientific study of how we change and stay the same throughout the human life cycle
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