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melodic ideas used as abuilding block
fragments that make up a theme
thematic development
expansion of theme by varying rhythm, harmony, and melody
absolute music
musical form becomes most important because its being made up not based on txt or poem
program music
musical form based on no musical, story poem of picture
3 part ( ABA)
becomes entire movement itself
multimovement cycle
many movements
-huge in classical era
sonata allegro form
musical form in 3 basic section FIRST MOVEMENT

most complex and higly structured

theme and variations
theme is exposed

if second theme is exposed it is at diff key
develop theme
manipulate of theme and motive ends in diff key
recpas theme and comes back to home key
cadence in tonic, used to close
modulates to a contrast key when chnaging keys
theme and variations
usually second movement
rhytmic melodic and harmonic variation
minuet and trio
3rd movement
(moderate speed)
-dance in triple meter
modified sonata allegro form OR rondo
4th movement

Rondo- ABACA
cyclical structure
composers used motive to add continuity(common thread) in all movemnts
classical era
1750-1825 (75 yrs)

in ventions
first encyclopedia
steem engine and cotton gin

4 greatest composers are
Mozart, Hyden, Beethoven, and Shovert

development of symphonies

repetition was used alot
are symetrical lyrical conjunct
starting on diffrent note
used alot during classical era
homophonic- harmonies tobe very clear, meters chnage
people who support music financially
the patronage system
music life/living
-center of it was held at palace
-torwards end of ear theatres were build to play outside of palace
chamber music
music form 1-10 players
with 1 player to one part
labeled according to number of players
string quartet
becomes very popular and its own GENGRE
16 ppl ensemble bigger than chamber but smaller that symphony
born in austria 1756-1791 (35 yrs)
violinist- and harpsicord
composing at 4
first concert at 7
symphony at 13
at 25 got fired because hated job at royal
wrote 50ish symphonies 42 dicovered
27 concertos

his greatest musical input was in opera -seria buffa and singpiel
rocket theme
when first melody ascends very quickly
steem roller affect
gradual cresendo
catalouge name in Mozart's (k)

grew out of italian overture
1732-1809 born in austri mozart looked upt to him
Famous in his day GREATEST composer in Europe
wehn retired he traveled
stayed at england

wrote 100 symphonies
14 mases
favored string quartet
how music movements forms changed in classical are
a 4th movent was added MINUET AND TRIO
Orchestra compared to today
it took the shape is contains today (30-40 players)
Movement Form
1.sonata allegro form
2. slow- theme varied
3. minuet and trio-
4. modifies sonata allegro OR Rondo
late classical era composer
his fav=piano
played for mozart to support family as a kid

was famous in his day
gired to teach
in early 20s started to go deaf his last compositions he didnt hear aloud

wrote 9 symphonies
32 piano sonata
5 concerto
string quartet
1 opera
1 mass

(hardly any vocal)
3 phases of Beethoven
1. early composition classical
2. music larger
orchestra larger
more emotion dynamic contrast
3. uses more chromatic harmonies didnt need to overemotion to ge point through
cyclical form
ties movement together-input of theme used in all/most of movements
bethovens used 4 movement with wat twist
3 movement was Scherzo and Trio-faster dance
absolute music
no story is being told
exclusively for solo instrument and orchestra (violin and piano)
sonata allegro with double exposition
first movemnt in concerto form
Dominat Chorals of classical era
Mass and Requiem
opera and entertainment
most popular form of entertainment
opera seria change from baroque to classical
in baroque was based on mythology but changed its seriousness to comic in classical
in comic opera-written in countries own lingo
operas countries
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