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A person commits ____________ if he agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause conduct which, in fact, constitutes an offense or offenses, and any one or more of such persons does an overt act to affect an objective....
Criminal Conspiracy
A person is guilty of __________ if he commands, induces, entreat, or otherwise attempts to persuade another to commit a particular felony.....
Criminal Solicitation
A person is guilty of ______________ if he intentionally obstruct, impairs, impedes, hinders, prevents, or perverts the administration of law....
Physical Obstruction of Government Function
A person is guilty of _____________ if with intent to prevent a public servant from affecting an arrest of himself or another for a misdemeanor or infraction, or from discharging any official duty, he creates a substantial risk of bodily injury to the public servant.....
Preventing Arrest or Discharge of other duties
A person is guilty of ________________ if he intentionally interferes with, hinders, delays, or prevents the discovery, apprehension, prosecution, conviction, or punishment, of another for an offense by harboring......providing money......
Hindering Law Enforcement
A person is guilty of ______________ if with intent to compel another to engage in or refrain from conduct, he threatens to: commit any crime, accuse anyone of a crime, expose a secret,....
Criminal Coercion
A person is guilty of ___________ if he threatens harm to another with intent to influence his official action.... with intent to influence him to violate his duty as a public servant, he threatens to commit any crime or do anything unlawful....
Threatening Public Servants
A person is guilty of ____________ if he falsely pretends to be a public servant other than a law enforcement officer, and acts as if to exercise the authority
Impersonating Officials
A person is guilty of ____________ if he operates a prostitution business or a house of prostitution
Promoting Prostitution
A person is guilty of ____________ if he knowingly solicits a person to patronize a prostitute or procured a prostitute for a patron....
Facilitating Prostitution
What is the culpability and level of injury for Assault
Willfully, Negligently , substantial bodily injury
What is the culpability and level of injury for Aggravated Assault
Willfully, Knowingly , serious bodily injury
What is the culpability and level of injury for Simple Assault
willfully, negligently , Bodily injury
Robery is a combination of which two offenses:
Assault, Theft
What is the burden of proof for an administrative hearing:
probable cause
what is the burden of proof at a preliminary hearing:
probable cause
You are guilty of _____________ if with intent to place another in fear for their safety.....a person threatens to commit any crime of violence or act dangerous to human life...
You are guilty of _______________ if with intent to frighten another, a person communicates in writing or by phone a threat to inflict injury on any person.....
You are guilty of _____________ if you create a substantial risk of serious bodily injury or death to another.
Reckless Endangerment
You are guilty of ____________ if you knowingly place another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.
Burglary is a combination of what two offenses:
Trespassing, Any other Crime
For Robbery, what is the key word we substitute for "it occurs in"
You are guilty of ______________ if you knowingly abductions another and restrain them under Terrorizing circumstances.
You are guilty of ___________ if you knowingly subject another to unlawful restraint.
Unlawful Imprisonment
Which agency has the primary responsibility to enforce branding laws
ND stockmans association
Which agency is the state repository of crime statistics:
State Attorney General
What happens if someone does not show up for court or post bond for a non-criminal traffic citation?
1. found guilty of original offense 2. they have committed B Misdemeanor "failure to appear
What are the four Exigent circumstances in which a police officer may force entry into a home.
1. suspects escape is imminent 2. lives are in danger 3. significant (felony level) evidence is about to be destroyed or lost 4. significant property damage is/will occur
State law allows a police officer to Detox an individual who is
1. publicly intoxicated 2. danger to themselves or others
A licensed liquor establishment may not serve alcoholic beverages on which two major holidays?
x-mas day or after 6pm on x-mas eve
If the amount wagered per individual hand, game, or event in a private poker game exceeds ________ the crime would be a class A misdemeanor
$500 or more
An individual is guilty of _____________ if they are a minor engaging in a sexual act.
A married person engaging in a sexual act with another person who is not their spouse has committed the crime of __________.
If, in reckless disregard of the fact that another person is harassed, annoyed, or alarmed, a person while loitering in a public place, solicits sexual contact, the individual would be guilty of _____________:
Disorderly Conduct
A person is guilty of _____________ if they marry a person while already married to a different person.
__________ means sexual contact between human beings consisting of contact between the penis and the vulva, the penis and the anus....including penetration...
Sexual Act
____________ means touching, whether or not through the clothing or other covering of the sexual or other intimate parts of the person..... for the purpose of arousing or satisfying sexual or aggressive desires.
Sexual Contact
A person is guilty of ________________ if with intent to arouse, appeal to, or gratify that persons lust, passions, or sexual desires.... masturbated in a public place....
Indecent Exposure
A person is guilty of ___________ if with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another, that person exposes ones penis, vulva, or anus....
Disorderly Conduct
A public disturbance can be considered a Riot if there is an assemblage of ________ or more persons......
A person who engages in a sexual act, with a prostitute, for money, is guilty of
hiring prostitution
a person is guilty of ___________ if they willfully tamper with or willfully damage the tangible property of another
criminal mischief
For what level of offense is the punishment five years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine?
C Felony
A person must be advised of their Miranda warning when what two circumstances exist?
1. custody 2. questioning
a preliminary hearing is used to decide if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that what two things took place?
1. the crime was committed 2. the defendant is the one that committed it.
Municipal courts in the state of ND have the authority to handle what three levels of offenses?
1. non-criminal traffic offenses 2. B misdemeanor 3 Infractions
No person may use more force than is ________ and ___________.
Reasonable and Necessary
A person is guilty of _______________ if, acting with the kind of culpability otherwise required for comission of a crime, he intentionally engages in conduct, which, in fact constitutes a substantial step toward the omission of the crime.
Criminal Attempt
A person is guilty of _____________ if he knowingly provides substantial assistance to a person intending to commit a felony and that person, in fact, commits the crime contemplated, or a like or related felony, employing the assistance provided.
Criminal Facilitation
A person is guilty of __________ if he solicits another person with the intention of being hired to engage in sexual activity.
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