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What happens to the color produced by a glowing phosphor as the intensity of the electron stream increases in a CRT monitor?
It gets brighter
Which of the following is not applicable for LCDs?
They flicker a lot.
How many watts does a typical CRT monitor consume?
120 watts
What is the thin film transistor (TFT) also known as?
Active matrix
What was the resolution of the earliest graphics cards?
320x200 pixels
In a 3-D world, what is a small picture that is tiled over and over again on walls, floors, and other surfaces?
A sound wave has three primary characteristics. The first two are amplitude and frequency. What's the last one?
What are the two biggest issues with TV tuner cards?
1. Operating system compatibility.
2. Poor reception.
What is the line out connector used for?
Enables output sounds from the computer.
What speaker installation uses either a single digital (S/PDIF)  connectin or three seperate cables?
Surround speakers
In a 2.1 speaker system, what is the pair of standard stereo speakers?
What will enable your TV tuner card to pick up TV broadcasts in most places?
Which device invented at IBM has a pencit eraser-sized joystick at the center of the keyboard?
Track Point
What main advanage does a desktop extender offer?
What portable device is primarily used for scheduling, jotting down notes, and tracking expenses?
(PDA) Personal Digital Assitant
You can synchronize most PDAs to a PC using which port?
Which program is used to sync a mobile device with a system running Windows Vista or Windows 7?
(WMDC) Windows Mobile Device Center
Which is the high-performance serial replacement for PC Cards?
What type of printer works by ejecting ink through tiny tubes?
InkJet Printers
What should you do if your dot-matrix printer output is covered with dots and small smudges?
Clean the platen with denatured alcohol
What is heated by tiny resistors or electroconductive plates at the end of each tube in an inkjet printer?
The dye-sublimation printing technique is an example of what method of color printing?
(CMYK) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
During the laser printer process, after the erase lamp exposes the entire surface of the photosensitive drum to light, what happens to the photosensitive coating?
Makes the phtosensitive coating conductive.
In a laser printer, what is used to write a positive image on the surface of the drum?
Transfer Corona
What should be added to a laser printer to resolve a memory overflow problem?
Add Ram.
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