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A melody composed with a symmetrical four-based phrase structure delineated by cadences is characteristic of the Classical period
The system in which that aristocracy sponsored musicians is called: patronage
Which best describes absolute music? music without a story or text
The final section of sonata-allegro movement, which rounds it off with a vigorous closing cadence is: the recapitulation
In the classical multimovement cycle, the third movement is usually in: minuet and trio form
Music for a small ensemble of two to ten players with one player to a part is called: chamber music
The first movement of a symphony is usually in: sonata-allegro form
How did Haydn's Suprise Symphony earn its nickname? A surprise loud chord is played in the slow movement
Which best descibes the opening idea of Beethoven's Symphony No.5? A four-note motive
Beethovem suffered perhaps the most traumatic of all maladies for a musician. What was it? deafness
How many symphonies did Beethoven write? 9
How many movements are in a Classical concerto? three
A typical feature of a concerto is a free solo passage without orchestral accompaniment called: the cadenza
Which composer rebelled against the patronage system and struggled to achieve financial independence? Mozart
During the Classical era, the prevalent form of opera that occupied itself mainly with affairs of nobility and Greek legends was: opera seria
Rapid-fire, talky singing whose primary function is to advance the plot in an opers is called: recitative
All of the following were instrumental generes favored by Classical composers EXCEPT: the symphonic poem
All of the following are characteristic of music of the Classical era Except: interest in the bizarre or macabre
Of the following, which does NOT describe orchestras of the 19th century? The size of orchestras decreased, making for more compact ensembles.
What trend inspired composers to write music evoking scenes or sounds of far off lands? exoticism
Which does NOT characterized Romantic music? reserved emotions
A song structure that is composed from beginning to end without repetition of whole section is called: through-composed
A German-texted song with piano accompaniment that sets a short lyric poem is called: a Lied
Titles such as Prelude, Impromptu, and Intermezzo are used for: short, lyric piano pieces.
Which composer is known as "the poet of the piano"? Chopin
Instrumental music endowed with literary, philosophical, or pictorial associations is called: program music
A multimovement work for orchestras that is programmatic is called: a program symphony
A piece of program music for orchestra in one movement which, thrugh several contrasting sections, develops a poetic idea or suggests a scene or mood is called: a symphonic poem
Which of the following is NOT a type of orchestral program music? concerto
Berioz's Symphonie fantastique is an example of: a program symphony
Which of the following was a widely loved nationalist opera composer? Verdi
Wagner called his operas: music dramas
The principle themes in Wagner's operas, which recur throughout a work and carry specific meanings, are called: letimotifs
Brahms maintained a life long close relationship with: Clara Schumann
Which of the following Russian composers was famousfor his ballets? Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky's fanciful ballet about a child's Christmas gift and dreams of exotic people and places is: The Nutcracker
Which American composer is known as the march king? John Philip Sousa
The movement that, along with post-Romanticism, ushered in the 20th century was known as: Impressionism
Which of the following best describes the works of the Impressionist painters? The attempted to capture the freshness of first impressions
Which best describes the effect achieved by Impressionist painting? luminous, shimmering colors
Impressionism in music is best exemplified by the works of: Claude Debussy
Which of the following was NOT characteristic of Impressionist music? accents on the first beat of each measure
In which country did the Expressionist movement originate? Germany
The early 20th century style that sought to revive certain principles and forms of earlier music was: Neoclassicism
The melody in twelve-tone music is called: a tone row
Which of the following was a Russian-born composer who wrote in post-Impressionist, Neoclassical, and serial styles, amoung others? Stravinsky
Stravinsky immigrated to the United States just before WWII
The Rite of Spring opened in Paris in 1913 to: a near riot after the first performance
The Viennese composer who, after writing in both post-Romantic and atonal styles, invented the twelve-tone method was: Schoenberg
Which American composer wrote ballets such as Billy the Kid and Rodeo based on American themes? Aaron Copland
The African-American music that developed around the turn of the 20th century and incorporates elements of African music and popular and arts traditions of Western music is called: jazz
What American composer is known as the king of ragtime? Joplin
Which instrument did Louis Armstrong play? the trumpet
A jazz style of singing that sets syllables without meaning to an improvised vocal line is known as: scat singing
What kind of jazz is Duke Ellington known for? big band
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