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A Windows Server 2008 feature that installs and configures wireless connections and wireless LAN profiles.
Wireless Networking
The most widely used IP addressing scheme is ___.
IP version 4
The most recent and largest address space IP addressing scheme is ___.
IP version 6
To distribute IP addresses automatically, a network administrator would configure the ___ service.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
The first attempt at breaking up IP address space used ___ to provide address ranges of differing sizes.
classful addressing
Prior to the introduction of the Domain Name System, computers used ___ to map human-readable named to IP addresses.
HOSTS files
A(n) ___ is used to separate the host address portion of an IP address from the network address.
subnet mask
The subnet mask within the TCP/IP configuration is used to distinguish the ___ from the host address.
network address
In dotted-decimal notation, each IPv4 address is broken up into four ___.
Server computers and other systems that need to be accessed reliably by network clients should be configured with a(n) ___.
static IP address
The method of breaking up IP address space into address ranges of flexible size is called ___.
Classless Inter-Domain Routing
What must each host on a TCP/IP network be configured with in order to communicate with other hosts?
IP address
What is the process of transmitting TCP/IP traffic from one IP subnet to another?
An IP network that is formatted such as is referred to as what type of notation?
CIDR notation
What is the default network protocol of the Internet and most modern corporate networks?
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
What was used by TCP/IP networks to perform name resolution prior to the introduction of the Domain Name System (DNS)?
HOSTS files
What is the process of dividing a large TCP/IP address space into multiple smaller networks called?
What technology is used by private network ranges that has extended the useful life of IPv4 addressing and slowed the adoption rate of IPv6?
network address translation
Which TCP/IP configuration item allows client computers to communicate with other computers that are located on remote networks?
Default gateway
On a TCP/IP network that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) for name resolution, what unique configuration item must each TCP/IP host possess?
fully qualified domain name
In what format are IPv4 IP addresses most commonly written?
dotted-decimal notation
The ability to use the installation process to fix problems with an existing Windows Server system is called ___.
repair mode
Installation of just the necessary components for a particular server role, without the GUI and other software features, is called ___.
Server Core
The ___ screen appears by default when the Windows Server 2008 operating system is first installed.
Initial Configuration Tasks
A(n) ___ offers the best performance of any multi-disk configuration option within the Disk Management MMC, but does so at the expense of fault tolerance.
striped volume
The feature that allows users on different computers to access the Internet through a single connection is called ___.
Internet Connection Sharing
The ___ provides a single point of administration to configure networking and firewall configuration tasks on a Windows Server 2008 computer.
Network and Sharing Center
The setting describing the network environment, such as home or public network, is called the ___.
network location
Unsolicited inbound traffic can be blocked through the use of the ___.
Windows Firewall
The network location setting controls the behavior of ___.
network discovery
Once a disk is converted from a basic disk to a(n) ___, it can only be accessed only by operating systems that support dynamic disks.
dynamic disk
What type of license key allows you to host an activation service locally within your own network?
Key Management System
What type of volume uses 50% of available drive space to provide fault tolerance for the volume?
RAID-1 (mirrored volume)
Which disk formatting option will cause a disk to appear as a folder within an existing volume?
Mount point
Which Windows Server 2008 feature installs and configured wireless connections and wireless LAN profiles?
Wireless Networking
What was the primary means of name resolution on Windows networks prior to the introduction of Windows 2000 and Active Directory?
Which feature is used to perform backups and restores of Windows volumes?
Windows Server Backup
Which networking service is used to automatically associate NetBIOS names with IP addresses?
Which disk partition style is recommended for disks larger than 2TB or disks that are used in Itanium computers?
GUID Partition Table
What is used to manage the licensing process for volume licenses of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008?
Volume Activation
Which volume contains the operating system files on a Windows computer?
Boot volume
Each IP address consists of the following components:
network address: This portion of the IP address is shared by all TCP/IP hosts on a particular network or subnet.

host address: This comprises the portion of the IP address that is unique to a particular computer or host.
In addition to the IP address, each TCP/IP host must be configured with the following:
subnet mask: Used to identify which network the TCP/IP host resides on by defining where the network address stops and the host address begins.

default gateway: Allows a host to communicate with devices that reside on a remote network or location.
Although DNS is most commonly associated with the Internet, private networks also use DNS because of the following benefits:


Ease of use

At the top of the Internet DNS namespace is the root domain. The root domain is represented by ___.
(a period)
If you use DHCP with an alternate configuration, and the DHCP client cannot locate a DHCP server, the alternate configuration is used to configure the network adapter. No additional discovery attempts are made except under the following conditions:
The network adapter is disabled and then enabled again.

Media is disconnected and then reconnected.

The TCP/IP settings for the adapter are changed, and DHCP remains enabled after these changes.
Windows Server 2008 (and all Microsoft operating systems going back to Windows 2000) suports the following types of hard disks:
Basic disks

Dynamic disks
Before you can manage a disk drive in Windows Server 2008, the disk needs to be initialized. All new disks are initialized as basic disks, and can be initialized using one of the following partition styles:
MBR (Master Boot Record): This partition style is recognized by down-level operating systems.

GPT (GUID Partition Table): This partition style is recommended for disks larger than 2TB, or disks that are used in Itanium computers.
Microsoft offers the following types of software keys for a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 network, depending on the needs of your specific situation:
Multiple Activation Key (MAK): Used for a one-time activation with Microfost's hosted activation service.

Key Management Service (KMS): Allows you to host an activation service locally within your own network.
Key Management Service (KMS) allows you to contact the Microsoft activation service one time to activate your KMS host, after which all activation traffic is managed locally. What is the minimum number of physical computers required to allow you to use a KMS key?
25 Vista computers


5 Windows Server 2008 computers
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