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What application uses the Cisco Unified Operating System for administration and configuration?
Cisco Unified Presence
Which two types of device can the Cisco Unified Disaster Recovery use as a backup target?
(Choose two.)
1. tape device
2. SFTP server
What is a benefit of using FRF.12 in a Frame Relay network?
fragments packets into equal sizes to reduce fixed-network delay
All users report that when they press the Messages button on their IP phone, nothing happens.
What is the most likely cause of this issue?
The default Voicemail Profile does not have a Pilot number configured.
In which scenario is it possible to have the same directory number configured on two different lines
or phones and not be a shared line?
directory number assigned to different partitions
Refer to the exhibit. Is this configuration correct and is the T1 operational? If not, what is the
No, the configuration is incorrect and the T1 is not operational because the isdn-bind-13 ccmmanager
command is missing from the serial0/0/0:23 interface.
No, the configuration is incorrect and the T1 is not operational because the isdn-bind-13 ccmmanager
command is missing from the serial0/0/0:23 interface.
Which type of single switch port can support data and voice VLANs and is recommended for Cisco
Unified IP phones?
access port
Which network component would cause variable network delay?
propagation delay
Which headers are compressed when cRTP is used?
the IP, UDP, and RTP headers
Which statement about Cisco Unity Connection user templates is true?
Changes in user templates affect only new users to be created.
Which configuration must be configured on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
router prior to Graphical Administration?
When adding an IP phone to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system, what two choices
does an administrator have to add the phone to the system? (Choose two.)
1. auto-registration
2. manual provisioning
What would be the result if a user logs into Cisco Extension Mobility using a device profile that is
not subscribed to the Cisco Extension Mobility Service?
The user will not be able to log out of Cisco Extension Mobility on the phone.
On an IP phone line appearance, for which two purposes is the Display parameter designed to be
used? (Choose two.)
1. display a name instead of the directory number of the IP phone
2. internal caller ID
Which three rules are valid transfer rules in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose Three)
1. Standard
2. alternate
3. closed
Which statement accurately describes a calling search space?
a feature that defines which partitions are reachable from a device.
Ans administrator wants to import users using the Bulk Administration menu in Cisco Unified
Communication is valid for this operation?
CSV file
Which four characteristics are associated with video? (Choose four)
1. UDP priority
2. delay sensitive
3. drop sensitive
4. bursty
Which device would allow you to place calls from a Cisco Unified Communications Manager that is
configured with SCCP phone to a Cisco Unified communication Manager Express that is
configured with SIP phones?
Which three characteristics are associated with data?
1. TCP retransmits
2. drop insensitive
3. benign or greedy.
With GETVPN, if a key server is configured to use multicast as the rekey transport mechanism,
then under which of these conditions will the key server retransmit the rekey messages?
it always retransmit the rekey message
Can an IP phone be configured so that calls to that IP phone can be rerouted if the IP phone
become unregistered?
Yes. configuring Call Forward Unregistered provides this coverage
which generating QoS reports CAR tool, what two parameters are valid for report generation?
(Choose two)
1. gateway types
2. IP phone directory numbers
An administrator is attempting to add a new IP phone to the network. The phone does not register
and continues to cycle through the registration process. The administration checks and notices
that the IP address assigned to the phone is not correct network. What is the cause of this issue?
The switch port that the phone is connected to is configured with the wrong voice LAN
Which command is useful to see if network layer information is being received at a PSTN
show isdn status
Users report that when they press the Messages button on their phones, they often get a busy
tone. Which option can rectify this issue?
The CSS for the phone does not contain the voice-mail pilot partition.
In which mode is CTI used with Cisco Unified Personal Communicator?
desk-phone mode
H323 -- ?
MGCP -- ?
SIP    -- ?
SCCP -- ?
H323 - is a standard that provide multimedia communication services -- real-time audio, data and video communication over a packet network
MGCP - Users call agents and provide the signaling for less expensive edge devices   SIP - Uses a modified form the URL addressing scheme that is used within email that is based on the SMTP simple mail transport protocol. 
SCCP - Clients consume less processor overhead and can also be used to control FXS ports in a router to provide supplementary features 
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