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Which Windows installation option in Windows Server 2008 provides a stripped-down version of the operating system when you select it?
Server Core
Which feature is not available in a Server Core installation?
Message Queuing
MAP can run on the 32-bit version of all of the following operating systems except __________.
Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1
Which role is used when performing unattended installations of Windows Server 2008 and other operating systems on remote computers using network-based boot and installation media?
Windows Deployment Services
What must a network adapter support on the client computer for the WDS server to work?
Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)
Which type of file is a script containing responses to all of the prompts that appear on the WDS client computer during the installation process?
answer file
In which command line operating system can you run diagnostic and recovery tools?
Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE)
Which configuration pass enables you to add updates, hotfixes, language packs, and drivers to the image file?
Which configuration mode is an additional installation phase that occurs with a separate system startup after the operating system installation and before Windows Welcome?
The Add Roles Wizard enforces no other dependencies for the Windows Deployment Services role, but the role has several other prerequisites. Which of the following is not a prerequisite?
MAP requires that you install Microsoft Office __________ or Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 on the computer and that you install all available updates for both Windows and Office.
To inventory an enterprise network consisting of __________ computers or more, you should run MAP on a server with SQL Server 2005 Standard installed.
The __________ configuration pass runs after the system runs the generalize pass and reboots.
It is possible to automate the Windows Welcome phase with a(n) __________ file just as you can automate the Windows PE phase.
Single instance storage is a Windows technology that enables a(n) __________ file to maintain a single copy of a particular operating system file and yet use it in multiple operating system images.
After you have installed and configured your WDS server and added images to the __________, it is ready to service clients.
Besides the Server Manager console, from what window can you install the WDS standard role?
Initial Configuration Tasks
When installing WDS, which role service must you choose to perform full remote operating system installations?
Deployment Server
What contains the operating system that WDS will install on the client computer?
install image
The Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) is a set of tools and documents that enables network administrators to plan, create, and deploy what types of files to new computers on the network?
OS image files
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