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To which type of server do client computers on the network send their DNS queries?
DNS servers
What process is used when it is necessary for a computer to convert an IP address into a DNS name?
reverse name resolution
The DNS server receiving a name resolution request can take full responsibility for resolving the name by using what type of query?
There are many advantages to the distributed DHCP infrastructure. Which of the following is not an advantage?
Clients have the ability to install and configure a large number of DHCP servers.
Which of the following is not a message type defined by the DHCP communication protocol?
Which of the following is not a standard DHCP address allocation method?
Which of the following is a disadvantage of a centralized DHCP infrastructure?
burden on the servers increase
Which of the following was not an objective of the DNS name resolution project?
Prevent administrators from assigning host names to their computers.
Which of the following is not an element of DNS?
resource record
Which of the following is not a top-level domain?
When splitting scopes using the __________ rule, it is not necessary to deploy multiple DHCP servers on each subnet.
In a(n) __________ DHCP infrastructure, DHCP servers are all placed in a single location, such as a server closet or data center.
In the early days of TCP/IP networking, each computer had a list of names and their equivalent IP addresses called a(n) __________ table.
When a computer boots for the first time with the DHCP client active, the client generates a series of __________ messages to solicit an IP address assignment from a DHCP server and broadcasts them on the local network.
When the DHCP client reaches the 50 percent point of the lease's duration (called the renewal time value or T1 value), the client enters the __________ state and begins generating DHCPREQUEST messages and transmitting them as unicasts to the DHCP server holding the lease.
A(n) __________ is a DNS server that receives queries from other DNS servers that are explicitly configured to send them.
Which software component is used to receive DHCP broadcast traffic on a subnet and then send it on to particular DHCP servers on one or more other subnets?
DHCP relay agent
Which type of network will always have another one available to take its place if a DHCP server should fail?
fault tolerant
In what type of environment are DHCP servers all placed in a single location, such as a server closet or data center?
centralized DHCP infrastructure
What service automatically configures the Internet Protocol (IP) address and other TCP/IP settings on network computers by assigning addresses from a pool and reclaiming them when they are no longer in use?
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, DHCP
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