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Which permissions do administrators typically use to assign storage space as well as modify permissions on a Windows Server 2008 file server?
To whom should you always assign security permissions?
The most common use of a file screen is to __________.
prevent users from storing unauthorized file types on the server
A collection of settings in a quota template defines all of the following except __________.
the user credentials under which FSRM operates
To send email messages, what service does a Windows Server 2008 computer need to be running?
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
What converts the print jobs generated by applications into an appropriate string of commands for a specific print device?
printer driver
Which of the following is the default Windows Server 2008 printer-sharing configuration?
Each client uses its own printer and printer driver.
Which Print Services role enables UNIX clients running the LPR (line printer remote) program to send their print jobs to Windows printers?
LPD Service
Which Print Services role installs the Print Management console for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) that enables administrators to deploy, monitor, and manage printers throughout the enterprise?
Print Server
__________ is the only role service that is required when you add the Print Services role.
Print Server
In addition to creating storage quotas, FSRM enables administrators to create file ___________ that prevent users from storing specific types of files on a server drive.
Using quota __________ simplifies the quota management process.
In an enterprise environment, it is important to monitor and regulate the amount of __________ space consumed by users so that each user receives a fair share and server resources are not overwhelmed by irresponsible user storage practices.
A member server can support up to one __________ of replicated files, with up to eight million replicated files per volume.
To enable replication for a DFS folder with multiple targets, you must create a replication group, which is a collection of servers. Each of these servers, known as __________, contains a target for a particular DFS folder.
For each member server, the number of replication groups multiplied by the number of replicated folders multiplied by the number of simultaneous replication connections should not exceed __________.
Printing in Microsoft Windows typically involves four components including a print device, printer, and print server. What is the fourth component?
print driver
The printer is associated with a printer driver that takes the commands generated by the application and converts them into what language?
Printer Control Language, PCL
The simplest print architecture consists of one print device connected to one computer. What is this print device also known as?
locally attached print device
What enables administrators to monitor and regulate the storage consumed by network users?
File Server Resource Manager
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