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What is the maximum dynamic volume size for a RAID-5 volume in Windows Server 2008?
62 terabytes
What is the maximum NTFS volume size in Windows Server 2008?
232 clusters minus 1 cluster
By default, the paging file on a Windows Server 2008 computer is __________ time(s) the amount of memory installed in the computer.
Which of the following options should be considered the minimum acceptable rotational speed for a server?
10,000 rpm
The newer serial ATA (SATA) standard increases the maximum transmission speed to __________ MB/sec.
SCSI offers transmission rates up to __________ MB/sec.
Which fault tolerance solution uses duplicate host adapters as well as duplicate hard drives?
disk duplexing
In what type of communication can servers access storage devices over the SAN as if they are connected directly to the computer?
server to storage
What is the maximum transmission speed for fiber optic?
10 Gbps
Which of the following protocol layers defines the basic transport mechanism of a Fibre Channel network, including the frame format and three service classes: a connection-oriented class, a connectionless class with acknowledgments, and a connectionless class without acknowledgments?
The maximum size for a memory dump file is the amount of memory installed in the computer plus __________ megabyte(s).
one, 1
For a Server Core installation, __________ GB is recommended and 40 GB is optimal.
ten, 10
Fault tolerance technologies can profoundly affect disk __________.
NCQ enables a drive to __________ the order in which it processes commands to minimize drive seek times.
__________ is a mathematical algorithm that some RAID levels use to provide data redundancy in their disk write operations.
Most personal computers use __________ disks because they are the easiest to manage.
Which Windows Server 2008 feature automatically retains copies of files on a server volume in multiple versions from specific points in time?
Shadow Copies
What is the term for hard drives located inside the computer case?
direct-attached storage
What is the name of the separate housing in which high-capacity servers will typically store hard drives?
external drive array
What separate network is dedicated solely to storage devices such as drive arrays, magnetic tape autochangers, and optical jukeboxes?
storage area network, SAN
x of y cards