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The Reliability Monitor snap-in doesn't actually do anything except present event log information in a new way.
By default, which of the following logs is visible in the Event Viewer console?
Which type of event warns of a problem that is not likely to affect the performance of the component or process where the problem occurred, but could affect the performance of other components or processes on the system?
What must you create to capture counter statistics in the Reliability and Performance Monitor console for later review?
data collector set
Events in component logs are non-administrative, meaning that they are not indicative of problems or errors.
Which type of log contains events that signify a change in the application or service, such as the addition or removal of a printer?
By default, all counters in Performance Monitor use the percentage as the unit of measurement.
By default, at what time interval does the Performance Monitor graph update counter values?
one second
Which of the following logs contains information about events generated by the operating system components, such as services and device drivers?
Which type of event is triggered when there is service degradation or an occurrence that can potentially cause service degradation in the near future?
Which of the following graphs displays both current and historical values?
Which tool within the Reliability and PerformancMonitor console displays hundreds of different statistics?
Performance Monitor  
Which of the following is not an available view in Performance Monitor?
columnar bar
The bandwidth of network connections limits the amount of traffic reaching the server through its network interfaces.
Performance objects, performance counters, and instances that appear in the Add Counters dialog box depend on all of the following except the ____________. 
number of servers on the network
Performance Monitor imposes no limitations on the combinations of counters you can select for a single graph.
The Summary of Administrative Events displays the total number of events recorded in all of the following time increments except for the last__________.
The number of counters that you can display effectively depends on the __________.  
size of your monitor and resolution of your video display
Which of the following is not a method available for accessing Performance Monitor functions?
MMC consoles Action menu
Which of the following logs contains events received from other computers on the network via subscriptions?
Forwarded Events
Which of the following logs is the primary Windows Server 2008 operational log?
Which of the following is not a new enhancement in Windows Eventing 6.0?
event log sizes now limited only by half of available disk space
The optimal value for the Server Work Queues: Queue Length should be less than              .
Which type of log contains events targeted at end-users or administrators that indicate a problem and offer a possible solution?
In the Add Counters dialog box, which of the following is not a piece of information that you need to specify to add a counter to the display?
logging server
When a magnetic tape drive receives data from the computer at too slow a speed, it must continually stop and start the tape, a condition known as __________.
By default, a recovery of the system state performed in a standard Windows session is a __________ restore.
In a business open during regular daytime hours, the time between 5:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M. is known to backup administrators as the __________.
backup window
Magnetic tape drives that use __________ record data in diagonal stripes across the tape.
helical scanning
When you use a combination of __________ and __________ jobs, you will never need more than two tapes to perform a restore.
full backup, differential backup
Incremental and differential jobs use __________ filtering to select files for backup.
archive bit
One of the most common media rotation methods used by backup software products is the __________ method.
A device that automatically inserts tapes into a tape drive is called a __________ or a __________.
autoloader, tape library
To perform an authoritative restore, you must restart the computer in __________.
Directory Services Restore Mode
The first backup job for any particular set of targets is always a __________ job.
full backup
To recover group policy objects that you have accidentally deleted, you must use which of the following tools?
Group Policy Management console
Which of the following backup job types does not reset the archive bits on the files that it copies to the backup medium?
Which of the following is the criterion most commonly used to filter files for backup jobs?
file attributes
What are the three elements in the Grandfather-Father-Son media rotation system?
monthly, weekly, and daily backup jobs
Magnetic tape drives most commonly use which of the following drive interfaces?
Which of the following backup job types is not supported by the Windows Server Backup feature in Windows Server 2008?
Which of the following is the average data compression ratio typically used by backup drive manufacturers?
The best magnetic tape drives on the market can hold approximately how much data on a single tape?
800–1000 GB
Optical disks are not a suitable backup medium for large-capacity servers for which of the following reasons?
insufficient disk capacity
Which of the following devices can Windows Server Backup use for a backup drive?
optical disk drives, external hard disk drives, remote network shares
x of y cards