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What allows businesses to define, manage, access, and secure network resources including files, printers, people, and applications?
directory service
A Windows Server 2008 computer that has been configured with the Active Directory DS role is referred to as a __________.
domain controller
The process of keeping each domain controller in synch with changes that have been made elsewhere on the network is called __________.
Which of the following is not a benefit of Active Directory Domain Services?
personalized desktops
Interoperability with prior versions of Microsoft Windows is available in Windows Server 2008 through the use of __________.
functional levels
The __________ Domain Controller contains a copy of the ntds.dit file that cannot be modified and does not replicate its changes to other domain controllers within Active Directory.
The largest container object within Active Directory is a(n) __________.
What contains the rules and definitions that are used for creating and modifying object classes and attributes within Active Directory?
Schema NC
What master database contains definitions of all objects in the Active Directory?
A __________ is defined as one or more IP subnets that are connected by fast links.
What protocol has become an industry standard that enables data exchange between directory services and applications?
A __________ name references an object in the Active Directory directory structure by using its entire hierarchical path, starting with the object itself and including all parent objects up to the root of the domain
What locator records within DNS allow clients to locate an Active Directory domain controller or global catalog?
SRV records
Which functional level only allows Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 domain controllers?
Windows Server 2003
__________ is the highest available forest functional level.
Windows Server 2008
To raise the functional level of a forest, you must be logged on as a member of the __________ group.
Enterprise Admins
Active Directory uses __________ relationships to allow access between multiple domains and/or forests, either within a single forest or across multiple enterprise networks.
What type of trust was new to Windows Server 2003 and is only available when the forest functionality is set to Windows Server 2003 or above?
cross-forest trust
When a child domain is created, it automatically receives a __________ trust with its parent domain.
two-way transitive
If the domains within a forest are separated by slow WAN links and the tree-walking process takes an exceedingly long time to allow user authentication across domains, you can configure a __________ trust.
Inbound replication is when a domain controller transmits replication information to other domain controllers on the network.
Interoperability with prior versions of Microsoft Windows is available in Windows Server 2008 through the use of functional levels.
Administration of an OU also can be delegated to a departmental supervisor or manager, and thus can allow that person to manage day-to-day resource access or more mundane tasks, such as resetting passwords. This is referred to as assignment of control.
Active Directory relies on DNS to provide a locator service for clients on the network.
Only the primary domain controller of the entire forest must be running an operating system supported by the targeted forest functional level.
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