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list the possible sites for ectopic pregnancy
fallopian tube, peritoneal cavity, ovary, cervix
what is meant by the term incompetent cervix
the cervix is weakened and begins to dilate before the full-term of the pregnancy
what procedure is performed to treat an incompetent cervix during pregnancy
cervical cerclage
define leiomyoma
benign lesions of the uterus
what are the symptoms of endometriosis
dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
dyspareunia (difficult or painful sex)
dyschezia (constipation)
is ultrasound useful in diagnosing a malignancy
what is the most common symptom of uterine cancer
abnormal vaginal bleeding
what are two placental conditions that may necessitate a cesarean section
placenta previa
placental abruption
what is placenta previa
when the placenta partially or totally covers the cervix
what is placental abruption
when the placenta peels away, partially or totally, from the inner wall of the uterus
amenorrhea is the condition of
absence of menstruation
what is a pedunculated lesion
a small wound connected to the underlying tissue by a small stalk
in what position will the patient be placed to accomplish a D&C---in addition to the basic position, which position may be used to enhance the surgeon's view of the anatomy
lithotomy, trendelenburg
explain the usefulness of the trendelenburg postion during pelvic surgery
moves abdominal organs out of the way to enhance visualization
describe the complications that the patient may experience from an undiagnosed or improperly closed perineal laceration
postpartum hemorrhage, sepsis, fistulas, coital pain
name two types of suction devices that may be used to clear a neonate's airway
baby bulb syringe, DeLee suction
what are the advantages of a "classic" approach for a cesarean section
more room for delivery (fetal size or position problems)
to deliver extremely premature baby

name the three approaches that are available for tubal sterilization
vaginal colpotomy
abdominal minilaparotomy
what solution stains abnormal tissue white
acetic acid
what medication is used for the prevention of adhesions
10% Dextran 70
what solution is used for the Schiller test where abnormal tissue isn't stained
Lugol's solution
what medication causes uterine contractions
what solution is a hemostasis agent
Monsel's solution
what is used for cryotherapy to remove a lesion
Nitrous oxide or CO2
what is used to manipulate the vaginal mucosa during the anterior colporrhaphy
what are the advantages of the LAVH approach
better visualization of internal structures
why is a Foley catheter placed prior to a cesarean section
to prevent bladder distension and possible injury
list the structures that will be removed during a total pelvic exenteration
vagina, uterus and cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, rectum
what safety measures must be implemented when a laser is in use
wearing laser safety goggles
list the drape components that are necessary to drape a patient in the lithotomy position (in order)
leggings, towels, lithotomy drape
what structure/s are removed during a TAH
uterus and cervix
list three transverse incisions used for gynecological surgery
Pfannenstiel, Maylard, Cherney
what procedure is done for microsurgical reanastomosis with dextran
what procedure is done for the excision of fibroids to preserve uterus for conception
what procedure is done to repair a rectocele
posterior colporrhaphy
what procedure is done to treat a Bartholin's cyst
what procedure is done to treat incomplete spontaneous abortion or menorrhagia
what procedure is performed for someone who desires sterilization
colpotomy tubal ligation
what procedure is done for endometrial visualization
what procedure is done for external genitalia with in situ neoplasia
what procedure is done for incompetent cervical os
Shirodkar cerclage
what procedure is done for endocervical suspicious lesions or dysplasia
cold conization
what procedure is done to repair a cystocele
anterior colporrhaphy
what procedure is done for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy
emergency salpingotomy
what is the false pelvis
region between the flared portions of the ilium bones
what is the true pelvis
region below the pelvic brim
what makes up the bony pelvis or pelvic girdle
iliac crest
pubic bone
another name for external female genitalia is
what is the mons pubis
adipose tissue on pubic bone
what is another name for Bartholin's glands
vestibular glands
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