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Which is the best interpretation of the 1991 Acevedo case?
An officer who has probable cause to believe that a container in a vehicle holds contraband may open the container and seize the contraband
Which rule was established by the Chimel case (1969)? 
After making an arrest, police may search the defendant and the area within the defendants immediate control
Which is best illustrated by the following scenario?   Bill Monroe matches a description of a burglary suspect from an incident that occurred last night. Monroe is stopped by a police officer and is asked questions about his activities the night before. Monroe believes that he cannot leave; thus, he stays and answers the officer's questions.   
an investigative detention
Which of the following is the most true regarding the fleeing felon rule
the use of deadly force unarmed, nonviolent felons who are fleeing in unlawful
Which best describes the results for the Christopher Commission?
guidelines that police are to exercise the minimum amount of force necessary to control a suspect
Which are examples of excessive force used by a police officer?
Chemical gas against a protestor who refuses to leave a courtroom, Taser on a middle school student (12 years old) who spits at the officer
Citizens are guaranteed the following three classes of rights under which U.S. Amendment that was passed in 1868?
the Fourteenth Amendment
When a police officer is compelled to use force, which standard or standards will courts use when determining whether such force was reasonable? 
I and II
"Standing in your shoes" "The actions of a reasonable officer"
Which piece of information will not be included on the search warrant affidavit?
who owns the search for item
Which Supreme Court interpretations are exceptions to the excusionary rule?
Good faith, Inevitable discovery, Computer Errors
Which Supreme court case redefined the "fleeing felon rule"
Tennessee v Garner
Which is true regarding arrests in the United States
Making an arrest is a dangerous action for a police officer to undertake
Officer Peters is conducting an interview in the morning and must prepare several questions in preparation, Which kind of questions should he rely most on?
open-ended questions
According to the text, which factors can help determine the value of a polygraph exam?
Validity, Reliability
Which parties are typically subjects of police interviews? 
Depriving suspects of food, water, or sleep in order to force a confession is a violation of which amendment? 
Which of the following is a goal of an interrogation? 
to learn the truth
Raul Harrington's confession was ruled inadmissible by a court of law because he had been deprived of food and water for many hours before confessing.  Which best describes his treatment? 
Which case dealt with the issue of unnecessary delay in making arraignments? 
Mallory v United States
Which combination of traits will most accurately predict that a suspect is telling the truth? 
rapid eye blinking, chin jutting forward
Which procedures are recommended for officers to follow as they conduct an interview? 
Taking only brief notes during the interview iteself, such as names, addresses and key phrases
Satellite surveillance refers to the use of
GPS Technology
Which best describes the collation process? 
comparing data by designing charts in sequence  
Which is the first step in the intelligence gathering process?  
target selection
Surveillance is a process that allows investigators to
observe a suspect without arousing his/her suspicions. 
Which kinds of organizations may be the subjects of an intelligence operation?
II, III   Those that attempt to control arms shipments Those that advocate the violent overthrow of the government  

Methods of surveillance include
ALL of the above
Which best explains the utility of an investigation target? 
the value or worth of the investigation's findings if successful 
Which is the best recommendation for maintaining control of an informant?   
Informants and police contacts should meet frequently.  
Which informant's information is probably the most valuable to an investigation's success? 
a criminal or thier associates
Proactive investigations typically involve which type of crime? 
According to your readings, typically, the undercover officer
works with minimal direct supervision
Which of the following is a major problem with the use of informants? 
avoiding entrapment of suspects
Which situation below best expresses the nature of an arrest?
A police officer investigating a theft places the suspect in handcuffs but does not tell her that she is under arrest.  
Which is true regarding police interviews? 
The tone of a police interview should be formal but somewhat relaxed.  
Which best describes the goal of the RISS projects? 
To aid state and local law enforcement agencies in sharing criminal intelligence  
Which illegal activities are most likely to be the targets of an intelligence operation?
I, III   Drug trafficking, fraud, and extortion    Pornography, prostitution, and gambling   
Which is true regarding the nature of the criminal intelligence function? 
Covert methods include the use of surveillance equipment, undercover officers, and informants.  
Simply defined, the "cover story" is
a fictitious story that the agent tells to suspects about his background. 
Undercover officers must be careful not to entrap suspects. Entrapment occurs when undercover agents
induce someone to commit a crime. 
In which way are criminal and intelligence functions different? 
Intelligence files generally are closed while criminal files generally are open.  
What is the final stage of the intelligence process? 
dissemination of information  
Which best describes the "two-pronged test" established in the case of Aguilar v. Texas (1964) that allows the use of an informant's information to establish probable cause? 
The informant's information is reliable, and the source of the information is made clear.  
Which of the following is of the least concern regarding the use of informants? 
proving the value of the informant's information  
One of the primary investigative tools used in working undercover that typically makes the introduction is/are: 
 I.         The informant
The term "buy-bust" refers to which undercover operation? 
I, II    I.         Purchasing illicit drugs II.         Placing an individual under arrest
Which of the following statements most clearly indicates entrapment?
If you sell me some pot, I'll get you a job at the mill.   
In which case did the Supreme Court adopt a "totality of the circumstances" approach to the use of informant information? 
Illinois v. Gates  
Which person has been "flipped"? 
Dante, who has agreed to provide information about an associate in exchange for his own charges being dropped  
T OR F: For a consent search to be valid, the police officer does not have to advise the suspect of his or her Miranda rights. 
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