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The primary threats during the early years of computers were physical theft of equipment, espionage against the products of the systems, and sabotage
The value of information comes from the characteristics it possesses
An e-mail virus involves sending an email with a modified field
The possession of information is the quality or sate of having value for some purpose end
The bottom-up approach to information security has a higher probability of success than the top-down approach
Is the predecessor to the internet
A famous study entitiled "Protection Analysis: Final Report" was published in
Was the first operating system to integrate security as its core functions
_____ Security addresses the issues necessary to protect the tangible items,  objects, or areas of an organization from unauthorized access and misuse
Physical Security
A computer is the _____ of an attack when it is used to conduct the attack
______ of information is the quality or state of being genuine or original
In file hashing, a file is read by a special algorithm that uses the value of the bits in the file to compute a single large number called a ______ value
An information system is the entire set of _____, people, procedures, and networks that make possible the use of infomation resources in the organization
Software, Hardware, Data - All of the above
The _____ mode consists of six general phases
During the _____ phase, specefic technologies are selected to support the alternatives identified and evaluated in the logical design
Physical Design
Which of the following phases is the longest and most expensive oahse of the systems development life cycle?
Maintenance and Change
Organizations are moving toward more ______-focused development approaches, seeking to improve not only the functionality of the systems they have in place, but consumer confidence in their product
Part of the logical design phase of the SecSDLC is planning for partial or catastrophic loss. ______ dictates what steps are taken when an attack occurs
Incident Response
The _____ is the invidual primarily responsible for the assessment, managementm and implementation of information security in the organization
People with the primary responsibility for administering the systems that house the information used by the organization perform the _____ role
System Administrators Role
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