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The application firewall runs special software that acts as a proxy for a service request.
One method of protecting the residential user is to install a software firewall directly on the user's system.
All organizations with an Internet connection have some form of a router at the boundary between the organization's internal networks and the external service provider.
False, most organization not all
Firewall Rule Set 1 states that responses to internal requests are not allowed.
 The proxy server is often placed in an unsecured area of the network or is placed in the ____ zone.
 It is important that e-mail traffic reach your e-mail server and only your e-mail server.
The restrictions most commonly implemented in packet-filtering firewalls are based on ____.
a. IP source and destination address b. Direction (inbound or outbound) c. TCP or UDP source and destination port requests d. All of the above
A ____ filtering firewall can react to an emergent event and update or create rules to deal with the event.
____ inspection firewalls keep track of each network connection between internal and external systems.
The application gateway is also known as a(n) ____
a. application-level firewall c. proxy firewall b. client firewall d. All of the above
The ____ is an intermediate area between a trusted network and an untrusted network.
In recent years, the broadband router devices that can function as packet-filtering firewalls have been enhanced to combine the features of ____.
The dominant architecture used to secure network access today is the ____ firewall.
Screened Subnet
____ is the protocol for handling TCP traffic through a proxy server.
Telnet protocol packets usually go to TCP port ____.
port 23
ICMP uses port ____ to request a response to a query and can be the first indicator of a malicious attack
port 7
____ and TACACS are systems that authenticate the credentials of users who are trying to access an organization's network via a dial-up connection.
Which of the following is a valid version of TACACS?
a. TACACS c. TACACS+ b. Extended TACACS d. All of the above
____ generates and issues session keys in Kerberos.
In ____ mode, the data within an IP packet is encrypted, but the header information is not.
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