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Take-off and Landing Parameters

Pressure Altitude?
-1000 ft. to 8000 ft.
-1000 ft. to 10000 ft. (XR)
Take-off and Landing Parameters

-40 C to ISA+35 C
*Maximum Altitude
37,000 ft.
Minimum Operating Temperature
-54 C to 25,000 ft.
-65 C to 37,000 ft.
*Maximum TAT in Cruise above 25,000 ft.
Limited to -45 C
*Landing Gear:
Vlor: 200 KIAS
Vle: 250 KIAS
*Maximum Operating:
0 to 8000 ft.: 250 (300 XR) KIAS
10,000 to 26,000 ft.: 320 KIAS
26,000 to 37,000 ft.: 0.78 (.80 XR) Mach
200 KIAS
*Flap Extended Vfe
Flaps 9: 250 KIAS
Flaps 22: 200 KIAS
Flaps 45: 145 KIAS
*Flap Extended Vfe
Below 10,000'
Flaps 9: 250 KIAS
Flaps 18: 200 KIAS
Flaps 22: 200 KIAS
Flaps 45: 160 KIAS

Above 10,000' and Y/D OFF
Flaps 9: 250 KIAS
Flaps 18: 200 KIAS
Flaps 22: 180 KIAS
Flaps 45: 145 KIAS
*Maximum Tailwind for Takeoff and Landing
10 Knots
*Max Speed to Remove DV Window
140 KIAS (AFM)
*Max Speed for Windsheild Wiped Operation
170 KIAS (AFM)
*Turbulent Air Penetration Speed
At or below 10,000 ft: 200 KIAS

Above 10,000 ft.: 250 KIAS / 0.63 M whichever is lower
Load Factor Limit:
Flaps Up
-1 to 2.5 G
Load Factor Limit:
Flaps 9, 18, 22, 45
0 to 2 G
Maximum Ramp Weight
LR: 48,722 lbs.
XR: 53,352 lbs.
Maximum Take-Off Weight
LR: 48,501 lbs.
XR: 53,131 lbs.
Maximum Landing Weight
LR: 42,549 lbs.
XR: 44,092 lbs.
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
LR: 39,462 lbs.
XR: 40,785 lbs.
*Maximum Aft Cargo Weight
2646 lbs.
Fuel Specification
Jet A
Jet A-1
Fuel Tank Temperature
-40 to 52 C
*Fuel Max Imbalance
800 lbs.
*Maximum Useable Fuel Quantity each Tank
LR/XR: 5,717 lbs. When Pressure refueling, useable quantity in each tank may be reduced by 13.2 Gal.

XR Ventral Tank: 1,863 lbs.
Un-useable Quantity each Tank
39 lbs. Unusable fuel increases to 365 lbs. if any associated fuel pump is Inop.
Min Temp. to Start APU
-54 C (C11 only)
*Max Alt. to Start APU
30,000 ft.
*Max Operational Alt. for APU
37,000 ft.
Max APU Rotor Speed
APU model -C14 will automatically shutdown at 104%
Max APU Start Temp.
May be exceeded up to 925C above 25,000 ft. during 10 seconds.
Max APU Continuous Temp.
APU EGT may be exceeded up to 717C for 5 min. max.
Minimum Battery Temp. for APU Start
APU (c14) Automatic Shutdown
@ 104% Rotor Speed
*APU Cooling Period Between each Starting Attempt
Between Three Consecutive Attempts......1 Min. Off

Between Two Series of Three Consecutive Attempts......30 Min. Off
*Engine Starter Limits On Ground
Starting or Dry Motoring......Up to 5 min on, 5 min off


First to Fourth Cycles.....1 min on, 1 min off
Following Cycles.....1 min on, 5 min off
*Engine Starter Limits in Flight
Max Continuous Operation Time.....5 min on

No cool down time is required.
Note: Selecting ALT/TO-1 thrust on a contaminated runway is prohibited.
Oxygen Requirements
All: MAX N1
MAX 100%
LR: MAX 102.4%
XR: MAX 105.0%
MAX ITT For Start
All: 800 C
MAX ITT For Takeoff Modes
948 C (Limited to 5 Min.)

970 C (Limited to 5 Min.)
971-992 C (Limited to 90 sec.)
MAX Continuous ITT
LR: 901 C
XR: 935 C
*Oil Pressure Limits Below 88% N2
34 psi to 110 psi

May be exceeded during starts if oil temp is below 21C. Must be idle thrust until pressure is less than 110 psi.

*Oil Pressure Limits At or Above 88% N2
LR: 50 psi to 110 psi
(50-34 psi permitted during Takeoff and Go Around)

XR: 48 psi to 110 psi
(48-34 psi permitted during Takeoff and Go Around)
*Oil Pressure Amber Range Limits
111 to 115 psi limited to 5 min.

116 to 155 psi limited to 2 min.

Total time above 110 psi may not exceed 5 min.
*Oil Temperature Limits
21C to 126C

*MIN Oil Temp for Start is -40C for lubrication oil specified by MIL-L-23699D and -54C for MIL-L-7808K.
Fuel Temp
-54C to 52C
Vibration Limits
LP Spool: Max 1.8 IPS

HP Spool: Max 1.1 IPS

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