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Last Update: 11/10/2018

Memory Items and Limitations Reordered to match SOP
Added (*) to represent bold items
Take-off and Landing Parameters

Pressure Altitude?
-1000 ft. to 8000 ft.
-1000 ft. to 10000 ft. (XR)
Take-off and Landing Parameters

-40 C to ISA+35 C
*Maximum Altitude
37,000 ft.
*Max Operating Temp
ISA + 35*C
Minimum Operating Temperature
-54 C to 25,000 ft.
-65 C to 37,000 ft.
*Maximum TAT in Cruise above 25,000 ft.
Limited to -45 C
*Landing Gear:
Vlor: 200 KIAS
Vle: 250 KIAS
*Maximum Operating:
0 to 8000 ft.: 250 (300 XR) KIAS
10,000 to 26,000 ft.: 320 KIAS
26,000 to 37,000 ft.: 0.78 (.80 XR) Mach
200 KIAS
*Flap Extended Vfe
Flaps 9: 250 KIAS
Flaps 22: 200 KIAS
Flaps 45: 145 KIAS
*Flap Extended Vfe
Below 10,000'
Flaps 9: 250 KIAS
Flaps 18: 200 KIAS
Flaps 22: 200 KIAS
Flaps 45: 160 KIAS

Above 10,000' and Y/D OFF
Flaps 9: 250 KIAS
Flaps 18: 200 KIAS
Flaps 22: 180 KIAS
Flaps 45: 145 KIAS
*Maximum Tailwind for Takeoff and Landing
10 Knots
*Max Speed to Remove DV Window
140 KIAS (AFM)
*Max Speed for Windsheild Wiped Operation
170 KIAS (AFM)
*Turbulent Air Penetration Speed
At or below 10,000 ft: 200 KIAS

Above 10,000 ft.: 250 KIAS / 0.63 M whichever is lower
Load Factor Limit:
Flaps Up
-1 to 2.5 G
Load Factor Limit:
Flaps 9, 18, 22, 45
0 to 2 G
Maximum Ramp Weight
LR: 48,722 lbs.
XR: 53,352 lbs.
Maximum Take-Off Weight
LR: 48,501 lbs.
XR: 53,131 lbs.
Maximum Landing Weight
LR: 42,549 lbs.
XR: 44,092 lbs.
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
LR: 39,462 lbs.
XR: 40,785 lbs.
*Maximum Aft Cargo Weight
2646 lbs.

(2182 Max no cargo net)
Note: If the aircraft has less than 2000 lbs of fuel only one person is allowed in rear electronics bay or cargo hold at a time.
*Max Altitude to Extend Flaps
20,000 ft.
*Max Airspeed after Take-off/During Climb without Re-trimming
160 KIAS
*Max Recommended Crosswind(Non-AFM):
Dry or Wet Runway
30 knots
*Max Recommended Crosswind(Non-AFM):
Compact Snow
25 Knots
*Max Recommended Crosswind(Non-AFM):
Standing Water or Slush
20 Knots
*Max Recommended Crosswind(Non-AFM):
Ice (no melting)
10 Knots
*MAX Temp for A/I Operation
*MIN Temp for Manual A/I Operation
*Holding Configuration in Icing Conditions
Landing Gear Up
Flaps Up
Min Airspeed 200 KIAS
*Single Engine or Single Bleed in Icing Conditions Max Alt.
15,000 ft.
Fuel Specification
Jet A
Jet A-1
Fuel Tank Temperature
-40 to 52 C
*Fuel Max Imbalance
800 lbs.
*Maximum Useable Fuel Quantity each Tank
LR/XR: 5,717 lbs. When Pressure refueling, useable quantity in each tank may be reduced by 13.2 Gal.

XR Ventral Tank: 1,863 lbs.
Un-useable Quantity each Tank
39 lbs. Unusable fuel increases to 365 lbs. if any associated fuel pump is Inop.
Min Temp. to Start APU from GPU
-54 C
*Max Alt. to Start APU
30,000 ft.
*Max Operational Alt. for APU
37,000 ft.
Max APU Rotor Speed
APU model -C14 will automatically shutdown at 104%
Max APU Start Temp.
Max APU Continuous Temp.
APU EGT may be exceeded up to 717C for 5 min. max.
Minimum Battery Temp/Volts for APU Start
22 V
APU (c14) Automatic Shutdown
@ 104% Rotor Speed
*APU Cooling Period Between each Starting Attempt
Between Three Consecutive Attempts......1 Min. Off

Between Two Series of Three Consecutive Attempts......30 Min. Off
Max Differential Cabin Pressure
7.8 psi
Max Differential Cabin Overpressure
8.1 psi
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