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Officer Shultz is a rape investigator who will be conducting a follow-up interview with a rape victim. Which is not recommended for Officer Shultz to do during the follow-up interview?
Allow the victim to describe what occurred in her own words and without interruption.
What is the estimated percentage of rapes reported to police?
Which is the first duty for police officers who arrive at the scene of a rape?
Aid the victim and obtain medical attention at once if required.
What should officers do in missing children cases when the parents are either divorced or separated?
Investigate the possibility of an abduction of the child by the noncustodial parent.
The responding officer in a missing child case should first interview the parents or person who made the initial report and then immediately
verify that the child is in fact missing.
________ is an internationally-recognized “missing child” safety program in the United States (and Canada), originally created by Wal-Mart retail stores in 1994.Today, many department stores, retail shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, amusement parks, and museums participate in the program. Legislation enacted by Congress in 2003 now mandates that all federal office buildings use the program.
Code Adam
Which is not a true statement about child abuse?
Few criminals who are violent offenders have histories of child abuse and neglect.
Which of the following describes the category of molester when external factors such as intoxication, mood or mental conditions exist?
situational molester
Barry is a child molester who is attracted to children as a result of unresolved conflicts in his own sexual development.  Barry is probably which type of molester?
Which is an accurate statement about forcible rape in the United States?
Approximately one to six percent of rape charges are falsely made.
Once officers have entered the location of a domestic violence call and have secured the area, the first rule is to
interview the suspect and victim separately without giving Miranda warnings to either.
Based on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, how many cases of stranger abductions occur each year in the United States where the child is held overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, or intends to keep the child?
A child is reported missing to the police by her parents and the following is learned by the responding officer:

The parents are in shock as their daughter is a good student and there is no apparent reason for her to run away - no fights with her parents or other factors known to either parent. She was discovered missing when the mother came home from work at 6:00 p.m. and her daughter should have been home for hours. There were no notes and she is now missing for over four hours. The girl is 15 years old, is somewhat of a loner (no known friends), and spends a lot of time in her room studying. She is an "A" student. She has a computer in her room and it is connected to the Internet. She has talked to her parents about new friends she has made in chat rooms. After checking her room, her mother found that her suitcase is missing along with all of her "fun money."

Based on the information above, what is the best theory (at this point) behind the child's status and what should the officer do NEXT to investigate?
The child has been lured by an Internet predator and the child's computer should be checked for information and clues as to the perpetrator's identity and/or location
Which is not true about pedophilia?
About half of all pedophiles molest children under the age of six.
Which is the typical weapon used in aggravated assault cases?
hands, fist, feet
Which is the correct order of tasks an officer should accomplish upon arriving at the scene of an assault after the perpetrator has left?
Which legal elements are necessary for the crime of simple assault to occur?
 I.A threat by the aggressor to cause bodily harm or death to another  II.A purposeful intent to inflict bodily harm on another 
Which drug is associated with date rapes?
Which are the basic elements of the crime of rape?
I. Penetration by penis (carnal knowledge)
II. Lack of consent
III. Forcible submission
Hector steps out of a side alley and stops a passing woman by grabbing her arm.  He then speaks to her in a threatening manner for approximately one minute before pushing her to the concrete and raping her.  Which method of approach has Hector used?
surprise approach
Which is not an accurate statement regarding the crime of assault?
It is necessary for the victim to wait until he or she has been physically assaulted before acting in self-defense
Bodies found in water generally decompose about twice as quickly as do those found in air
A victim's declaration of a suspect's identity is valid only if the victim does indeed die of the wounds inflicted.
In all homicide situations, the first officer on the scene has several principle concerns.  However, the responding officer does not have to determine if the victim is dead or alive - that is for the investigator or medical examiner to determine.
Suicide can be defined as the accidental taking of one's own life.
Of the estimated 15,500 people murdered each year in the U.S., approximately 85% knew their assailant.
Professional robbers generally make a big score about once a month, living off the income for the rest of the month
Although over a million school students are robbed each year, the vast majority of victims lose less than $1.00.
Home robberies often convert to burglaries if the victim returns home unexpectedly.
A robber's MO refers to his or her motivation in committing the robbery.
During the victim interview, the investigator's opening remarks should not show sympathy for the victim to avoid court challenges regarding objectiveness.
Evidence taken from underneath the fingernails of a rape victim is of only marginal value in a court of law.
Penetration as an essential element of rape means generally that the sexual organ of the male entered the sexual organ of the female.
Rape evidence may be present at the crime scene, on the victim, or on the suspect
A proper question to ask a suspect during an interview includes, "Don't you agree that anyone who rapes and tortures little boys should be castrated?"
The Child Protection Bill, signed in 2003, encourages states to establish Amber Alert systems.
A proper question to ask a suspect during an interview includes, "What do you think should happen to someone who would do this?"
The child molester generally gives gifts or rewards to the child.
The interviewer of an abused child should conclude the interview session by complimenting the child on his or her maturity and sense of responsibility.
Shotgun wadding can tell an investigator both the gauge used and the type of shot used.
Rigor mortis usually sets in about nine hours after death occurs.
Robbery is essentially the same crime as burglary, a property crime involving theft of property.
The victim of an assault should accompany the officer on a search of the scene to point out evidence and to recount the occurrence.
It is critical throughout the suspect interview to observe the subject's due process rights
A classic medical symptom associated with infant shaking includes retinal hemorrhaging.
Evidence of soot is present with contact wounds.
Robbery is defined as the theft or attempted theft, in a direct confrontation with the victim, by force or the threat of force or violence.
After completing initial tasks at the scene of an assault, it may be advisable to conduct a neighborhood canvass in hopes of locating an impartial witness.
It is beneficial to the interview process to allow the suspect to "save face."
The National Center for Victims of Violent Crime reported in 2006 that there were an estimated 150,000 victims of child neglect or abuse.
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