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What is an acid
anything that donates hydrogen ions
According to the following reaction, which molecule is acting as a base?
H2O +H2SO4---H3O + HSO4 
According to the following reaction, which molecule is acting as an acid?
H3O+ + HSO4- ---H2O + H2SO4
lose electrons
gain electron
The following statement describes which subatomic particle best?
It has a relatively large mass.
proton and a neutron
The following statement describes which subatomic particle best?
It is located outside of the nucleus. 
an electron
Statement that describes an isotope
element with the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons
how many electrons are there in the third shell of sodium, Na (atomic number 11)
Which of the following elements will most likely form an ion with a +1 charge?
Which of the following elements will most likely not form an ion at all?
If you mix a typical aluminum ion (Al atomic no=13) with a typical oxygen ion (O, atomic no=8), what compound is formed?
Phosphine is a covalent compound of phosphorus, P, and hydrogen, H. What is its chemical formula?
If you need 10 moles of sucrose, how many liters of a 4.0 molar solution would you need?
The Precambrian witnessed the development of
the ozone layer, the first atmosphere, and photosynthesis
The melting point of silicate minerals is strongly dependent on the amount of silica it contains. The first minerals to melt are those with
lowest melting point and highest silica content.
The fastest seismic wave is a
primary wave
Two boundaries associated with seafloor spreading centers are
divergent boundaries and transform fault boundaries
The transport of large particle sizes is greatest
when stream speed is very fast
Which of the following are not produced by streams?
alluvial fans
The Mesozoic era is known as the age of the
The typical mountain valley that has been subjected to glaciation is shaped like
the letter U
The formation of the supercontinent of Pangaea caused
a worldwide drop in sea level
The Premian period experienced major extinctions, which may have been due to
the formation of Pangaea
Most of the Earth's seismic activity, volcanism, and mountain building occur along
plate boundaries
Some (  )  rock is formed from minerals that were once dissolved in water
The oldest rocks are found
on continental land
According to plate tectonic theory, the San Andreas fault is a
transform fault
Rocks are grouped into three classes depending on how the rock was
Spreading centers occur along
mid-ocean ridges
Convergent boundaries are
regions of plate collision, regions of great mountain building, and areas of plate subduction
V-shaped valleys are
common in mountainous regions
The majority of surface rocks are
The Cenozoic Era is known as the
age of the mammals
Dinosaurs were abundant during the
Mesozoic Era
Layered sedimentary rocks and foliated metamorphic rocks share similarities because
most foliated metamorphic rocks are derived from layered sedimentary rocks
The planet that is most tipped to its orbital plane is
A spinning cloud of interstellar gas tends to
The planet with a mass most like Earth's is
The "Big Bang" refers to the
time when our Sun will become a nova, rendering Earth into molten lava
The gold in Uncle Harry's teeth fillings originated in
stars that blew up eons ago
Which body in the solar system has the highest level of volcanic activity?
Compared to the density of water, the density of Saturn is
The Milky Way galaxy is
in the process of colliding with teh Magellanic Cloud Galaxies, where Earth resides, and a spiral galaxy
An explanation for why Earth observers always see the same face of the moon
The Moon's rate of spin matches the rate at which the Moon revolves around Earth
When the Sun passes between the Moon and the Earth, we have
met our end
Which is greater, the gravitational attraction between a newborn baby and the Earth, or the gravitational attraction between the Earth and all the planets of the solar system?
The attraction between the baby and Earth
The ecliptic
occurs during a solar or lunar eclipse
The star nearest the Earth is
the Sun
Luminosity is
the total amount of light energy that star emits into space
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