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Using hand-held cell phones may be dangerous during driving. Which of the following explanations was offered in lecture?
Cognitive capture – being blind to cognitive cues because one is engaged in conversation
Which of the following views says that we are able to perceive reality as it truly exists?
Naive realism
How was the monkey with a robotic arm, as shown in lecture, able to control its robotic arm?
The robotic arm was wired to a computer which was wired to the monkey’s brain.
Which of the following is not a mental representation?
Conversion of a 10-digit phone number to 3 chunks
In Donders' experiment on decision making, when participants were asked to press one button if the light on the left was illuminated and another button if the light on the right was illuminated, they were engaged in a...
choice reaction time task.
Ebbinghaus' "memory" experiments were important because they
plotted functions that described the operation of the mind.
The founder of the first laboratory of scientific psychology was
Wilhelm Wundt.
The “Little Albert” experiment involving the rat and the loud noise is an example of which of the following types of experiments?
Classical conditioning
The investigation of how behavior is strengthened by presentation of positive reinforcers (e.g., food) or withdrawal of negative reinforcers (e.g., shock) is best known as
operant conditioning.
Who developed the concept of the cognitive map?
Structuralism and Functionalism are:
Contradictory schools of thought
The ultimate goal of _______________ is to develop a list of rules that govern how to predict observable output from observable input.
Each time the professor said “behaviorism” he fired a gun (with blanks). At the end of the class, the professor said, “that about wraps up our topic of behaviorism,” to which the class flinched. Their flinching is an example of which of the following:
CR (conditioned response)
Mental processes refers to the process of changing a mental representation into …
A code that only the brain can read
Regarding children’s language development, Noam Chomsky noted that children generate many sentences they have never heard before. From this, he concluded that language development is driven largely by
inborn programming
Which of the following does NOT characterize the information processing (IP) approach to the study of cognition?
IP supports the principle of behaviorism that behavior is a stimulus-response relationship.
Humans need to have mental representations in order to do all of the following,
knee jerk reaction
Which of the following groups that were interested in figuring out how the mind works, went through the complete circle of theorizing, observing and testing
The German psychophysicists
One of the main goals of Functionalism was to the search for …
The evolutionary cause of cognition
The study of the physiological basis of cognition is known as
cognitive neuroscience.
Early studies of brain tissue that used staining techniques and microscopes from the 19th century described the "nerve net." These early understandings were in error in the sense that the nerve net was believed to be
The neuron doctrine is
in disagreement with nerve net theory
An oscilloscope can display "spikes" that correspond to nerve impulses in response to a certain stimulus intensity. If the stimulus intensity is decreased, you are likely to observe spikes that are
less frequent and of the same size.
A synapse is
the structure that receives electical signals from other neurons
Why is introspection not widely used in modern psychological research?
all of the above   a. The process of introspecting may change the very things we are trying to find.
b. The process of introspecting fails to register mental processes that people are not conscious of
c. The process of introspecting can only be used on adults but not infants and animals because they do not have fully developed language skills.
A 10-month-old baby is interested in discovering different textures, comparing the touch sensations between a soft blanket and a hard wooden block. Tactile signals such as these are received by the _____ lobe.
Brain imaging has made it possible to
determine which areas of the brain are involved in different cognitive processes.
Which of the following is a description of functions specific to the right hemisphere?
Creativity, spatial awareness, patterns, face recognition
You are a cognitive neuroscientist looking at a group of patients that have suffered various types of brain damage. You use brain imaging to discover where their damage is, and examine them behaviorally to determine loss of function. Hoping to discover a double dissociation amongst these patients, what would you need to find?
B & C   b. There must be no overlap between some of the patients in injury or behavioral deficit.
c. There must be multiple functional impairments.
You are a neurologist who encounters a patient who greets you with “Hello Doc, what never going last yesterday always had a finer episode. Given talking happened despite?” Where might you suspect their brain has suffered some damage?
Wernicke’s area
You want to examine someone’s brain in as close to real time as possible, but do not want to harm them. What might your option(s) be?
Which of the following typically functions as the “input” for a neuron?
Ben can only recognize his family members by the color of their hair and sound of their voice, what condition might Ben be suffering from?
You suspect a patient has some form of agnosia. What do you have him do to test this?
Ask him to copy a picture of an object
The parietal lobe is involved with each of the following functions except which one?
Problem solving
The case of Phineas Gage: major _______-change when a _______ was projected through his _______ lobe.
Personality, tamping rod, frontal
Which of the following techniques disrupts the functioning of a brain area temporarily?
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Paul Broca's and Carl Wernicke's research provided early evidence for
a. distributed processing.
localization of function.
The idea of a grandmother cell is consistent with
specificity coding.
Which of the following best illustrates parallel processing?
A hive of bumblebees collecting nectar
What is the primary shortcoming of the Pandemonium Model?
It fails to explain top-down processing.
According to modern connectionist theory, the “C” curve in the letter G activates
C, G, O, Q, (and to a lesser extent) S, U, and J
In “BE HOME BY 5:B” the last B can be seen as a “13.” Which of the following explains this?
Modern Connectionism
Connectionism was developed because
Serial computing methods are inadequate to model most forms of cognition due to slow processing speed
Connectionist models learn through
All of the above   a. Reward.
b. Repetition.
c. Weakening of connections that push output towards incorrect responses
What is the major difference between the Pandemonium model a presented in class and the McClelland and Rumelhart model?
A & B   a. Top-down feedback
b. Inhibition
The branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of the mind is called
cognitive psychology
Your text describes the occurrence of a “cognitive revolution” during which dramatic chang-es took place in the way psychology was studied. This so-called “revolution” occurred parallel to (and, in part, because of) the introduction of
Action potentials occur in the
Which of the following statements best describes how neurons communicate with one anoth-er?
A chemical process takes place at the synapse.
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