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Max Crosswind (Takeoff & Landing)
38 kts (gust included)
Max Tailwind (Takeoff & Landing)
10 kts
Max Wind for Passenger Door Operations
65 kts
Max Wind to Open Cargo Door
40 kts (50 kts if aircraft is positioned into the wind or door is on the leeward side)
Max Wind to Close Cargo Door
65 kts
280 kts / M 0.67
VLO Extension
250 kts
VLO Retraction
220 kts
Max Altitude at which the Landing Gear May be Extended
25,000 ft.
Max Tire Ground Speed
195 kts
Max Brake Temp for Takeoff
300°C If brake fans in use: 150°C
Max N1 with Parking Brake set
75% on both Engines
Max Speed with Windshield Wipers in Use
230 kts
Max Speed with the Flight Deck Window Open
200 kts
Do Not use Electrical Outlets during:
Takeoff & Landing
When both PFDs lost:
Do not use ISIS bug function. (inhibits the attitude indicator)
Do Not use LP ground conditioned air while:
Packs Operating (avoid valve chatter)
Do Not use HP ground pneumatic air while:
APU Bleed Air On (avoid damaging bleed system)
Min Height for AP engagement on Takeoff with SRS Mode *
100 ft AGL *An internal FMGS logic prevents the AP from engaging during the first 5 seconds after liftoff.
Min Height for AP use on Straight In Non-Precision Approach **
Applicable MDA(H) **All Virgin America aircraft are now equipped with FMS Release 1A and MOST include the NO AP DISCONNECT function on non-precision approaches. For those aircraft with this modification, an amber DISCONNECT AP FOR LDG message is displayed on the PFD at MDA – 50’, and the AP remains engaged below MDA on non-precision approaches.
Min Height for AP use on a Circling Approach
Applicable MDA(H) – 100 ft.
Min Height for AP use on ILS approach when CAT2 or CAT3 is NOT displayed on the FMA
160 ft AGL
Min Height for AP engagement on Go Around
100 ft AGL
Min Height for AP use in all other Phases
500 ft AGL
If one engine inoperative, Do Not use AP to perform Non-Precision approaches in the following modes: ***
FINAL APP, NAV V/S, NAV FPA.(FD use is permitted.) *** Not Applicable to 800 series aircraft.
Autothrust use is approved with or without:
AP / FD in selected or managed mode.
Max operating altitude with slats and/or flaps extended
20000 Ft
Max Outer Tank Fuel Imbalance *
1,521 lbs. *Higher imbalances may be allowed in certain circumstances
Max Inner Tank Fuel Imbalance *
3,306 lbs. * Higher imbalances may be allowed in certain circumstances
N361VA Max Outer Tank Fuel Imbalance
815 lbs.
N361VA Max Inner Tank Fuel Imbalance
1,102 lbs.
Center Tank Fuel limitations:
Do not Takeoff using Center Tank Fuel Center tanks must be emptied first, then the wing tanks.
Max Altitude for Dual Pack Operations
15000 Ft
Max Altitude for Single Pack Operations
22500 Ft
Max Altitude for Engine Start Assist Using APU Bleed Air
20000 Ft
Do not use APU bleed air for:
Wing Anti-Icing
APU Starter Limitations
After 3 starter motor duty cycles: Wait 60 minutes before attempting another start.
Dual Engine Failure:
When Below FL250, APU (if available) START
Min Oil Quantity for Departure
9.5 Quarts + 0.5 Quarts per Hour of Flight
Min Oil Temperature for Starting
Min Oil Temperature for Takeoff
Max Number of consecutive Start Cycles
Min Cooling Period after 4 Cycles
15 minutes
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