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Women played a direct role when racial terrorism emerged in the South after the Civil War.
Force multipliers include bombing, arson, hijacking, assault, and kidnapping
Although terrorist tactics change through time, the most common weapon of terrorism has been and still is the bomb
All researchers have determined that the frequency of violence is more important than the severity of terrorist attacks
Researchers have found no relationship between terrorism and tourism
The most common tactic of cyberterrorism to date has been the defacement of Web sites
Governments and terrorists see the media as force multipliers
Most dirty-bomb scenarios are based on the premise that a radiological agent will not be used with a conventional explosive
The Chechens, as well as the Russians, believe Chechnya to be an independent state
The use of plutonium in the construction of a nuclear device is far less complicated than using HEU
The National Conference of State Legislature defines cyberterrorism as:
The use of information technology by terrorists for purposes of promoting a political agenda
_____ transcends normative political and social boundaries, increasing violence and decreasing opportunities for negotiation
Margaret Gonzalez-Perez found that the role of women in terrorist groups is more closely determined by the ____ orientation of an organization than its tactics
Which of the following is a program that typically copies itself and moves through a computer system in order to disrupt a computer or computer network
Computer Virus
According to Cindy Ness, the number of women attracted to _____ terrorist organizations suggests that they will not be limited to supporting roles
According to _____, most terrorist groups have objectives beyond publicity, and public attention is not the only goal of terrorism
Brigette Nacos
Which of the following is the most common weapon used by terrorists
According to the text, _____ is the only group that has made an effort to obtain a nuclear device
Al Qaeda
Which of the following is NOT a type of biological agent
Choking Agents
Ebola virus is considered a/an ____
Hemorrhagic Fever
Gadt Wolfsfeld believes the media is a primary tool for demonizing the enemy, with the most powerful tool being the way _____ reports casualties
What biological agent infected citizens through the mail in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks
Radiological weapons are closely related to _____ weapons
_____ enter the body through ingestion, respiration, or contact
Which of the following is NOT a problem posed by chemical weapons
The users can avoid the area they attack
The _____ in eastern Turkey conducted the least deadly attacks in the course of modern suicide bombing
Kurdistan Workers Party
Terrorists favor _____ because they are so intimidating
Suicide Attacks
As the world moves closer to a global economy, terrorists have found that striking _____ increases the effectiveness of operations
Economic Targets
Which of the following is NOT a type of transnational attack
J. Bowyer Bell refers to _____ terrorism, which is a form of violence that occurs in Africa where arbitrary national boundaries have been drawn through ethnic and tribal divisions
Endemic Terrorism
_____ is considered a noncontagious bacterial infection
According to the text, the _____ have conducted more suicide bombings than any other group
LTTE Black Tigers
Gender impacts tactics and is often related to ____
Rohan Gunaratna sees three things that all suicide bombings have in common
Terrorists use ______ to increase their attacking power
Force Multipliers
Sara Wade and Daniel Reiter found that Muslim states suffer more _____ than Western states
Suicide Attacks
Domenico Tosini reports that groups take actions inside social structures based on their understanding of _____
The United States has experienced _____ notable biological attacks since 1980
When referring to force multipliers, _____ can make a minor group appear to be politically important
Media coverage
While all forms of media can be used to multiply force, the _____ is one of the most important force multipliers
Historians often call the eighteenth century the Age of Reason
As with Karl Marx, Pierre Proudhon saw government as a necessary evil
Essentially, the reason the meaning of terrorism changed in Western minds was because of the nature of European violence in the 1900s
Bourgeoisie refers to trades-people, merchants, artisans, and other nonpeasants excluded from the upper classes in medieval Europe
Those in the nineteenth century who advocated for the creation of cooperative societies without centralized governments were referred to as communists
Both nationalistic terrorism and anarchism use the same types of justifications for violence
According to the text, Karl Heinzen and Johann Most represent an important transition in the history of Western terrorism
When the Peoples’ Will launched a campaign of revolutionary terrorism in the late 1800s, it was welcomed by the conservative elements such as the church, police, and military
The National Convention served as the major legislative body of France until it was replaced by the Directory in 1795
Leon Trotsky, commander of the Red Army, espoused terrorism as a means for spreading revolution
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