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Most divorces occur within the first _______ years of marriage.
(Page ref. 488)
In Western nations, there has been an especially dramatic increase in cohabitation among well-educated young people.  (T/F)?
(Page ref. 487)
Tanya is a single 22-year-old.  She moved out of her parents' home and in to her own apartment just to be "independent". What is true about Tanya?
Nearly half of young adults like Tanya return home for a brief time after leaving. (B)
(Page ref. 478)
Describe strategies for keeping love alive in a romantic partnership?  What strategies do you use?
1.  Make time for the relationship
2.  Tell your partner you love him/her
3.  Be available when your partner needs you
4.  Communicate constructively about problems
5.  Show interest in important aspects of your    
     partner's life 
6.  Confide in your partner
7.  Forgive minor offenses
8.  Try to understand major offenses

Taking classes together.
During the decade of the twenties, there is a sharp rise in the extent to which people feel they___________.
are personally in control of the events in their lives. (A)
(Page ref. 464)
Raymond is a single African American in his thirties.  Statistically, what is the most likely reason for Raymond's singlehood?
Unemployment (C)
(Page ref. 486)
Lisa age 27, is unhappy because she lacks the gratifying friendships she once had during collge, and she does not have an intimate partner.  Lisa is experiencing__________.
lonliness (A)
(Page ref. 476)
Caring for aging parents is best known for the inbetween generation.  (T/F)?
False, Sandwich Generation
On average, people in their twenties move to a new job every two years.  (T/F)?
(Page ref. 492)
What are the reasons why people decide to remain childless?
Involuntary:  No Parenthood Partner
                   May be dissatisfied
Voluntary:    Usually college educated
                  Comitted to prestigious job
Think of a middle aged adult whom you admire.  Describe the various ways that individual expresses generativity.
Describe someone who takes the time to help care for others.
Which of the following women will probably  become increasingly outspoken in her early fifties?
Trina, A partner in a law firm. (D)
(Page ref. 542)
The most common disadvantage of parenthood cited by contemporary couples is_________.
the loss of freedom. (D)
(Page ref. 481)
Jennifer, age 45, is a girl scout leader.  She states that she really enjoys giving to and guiding the next generation.  According to Erikson, Jennifer has developed a sense of___________.
generativity. (B)
(Page ref. 532)
African Americans usually_________than Caucasian Americans with equivalent job qualifications.
experience less stable employment (C)
(Page ref. 494)
According to Erikson, the psychological conflict of early adulthood is_____________.
Intimacy vs. Isolation (D)
(Page ref. 468)
Russell and Janine are in a sexually intimate relationship and share an apartment.  Their relationship is referred to ___________.
Cohabitation (C)
(Page ref. 487)
Research suggest that when Bobby and Betty select their mates. Betty will assign greater weight to___________, while Bobby will place more emphasis on_____________.
ambition; physical attractiveness (D)
(Page ref. 472)
Women who quit work in order to take care of aging parents______________.
gnerally fair poorly due to social isolation and financial strain. (C)
(Page ref. 551)
Compared with children in divorced, single-parent homes or in blended families, children reared by grandparents are____________.
less susceptible to physical illness. (B)
(Page ref. 548 Box: SI: Grandpartents rearing Grandchildren)
_____________is associated with favorable personality traits and adjustment.
Androgyny (D)
(Page ref. 536)
In his mid-forties, Edgar felt enormous turmoil, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness with his life.  He decided to quit his job, leave his family, and start a new life on a communal farm in Colorado.  Research on mid-life crisis indicates that Edgar is ____________.
unlike the average middle-aged adult. (A)
(Page ref. 536)
Joanne has been teaching middle school for 22 years.  As the new school year approaches, she feels mentally exhausted and unsure if she is making any impact in her students' lives.  Joanne is experiencing______________.
burnout (A)
(Page ref. 554)
Sue is soft-hearted, trustiing, generous. aquiescent, lenient, and good-natured.  She is high on which of the "big five" personality traits?
agreeableness (D)
(Page ref. 542)
Bernice and Leo never had children.  They married in their thirties, and their efforts at fertility treatments did not succeed.  Bernice and Leo are______________.
involuntary childless (B)
(Page ref. 488)
Cate, age 49 acknowledges both her good and her bad qualities, and feels positively about herself and life.  Cate exhibits______________.
Self-acceptance (A)
(Page ref. 539)
About 15% of divorced people remarry. (T/F)?
(Page ref. 488)
Emma left home to attend college and lived on her own until she got married.   As her own children grew up and left home, her parenting responsibilities declined.  She eventually retired and her husband died.  The sequence of life phases that Emma has experienced is referred to as______________.
Family Life Cycle (A)
(Page ref. 478)
The life pursuit and subjective judgements of many contemporary young people have spawned the ____________ transitional periods, extending from the late teens to the mid twenties.
emerging adulthood (C)
(Page ref. 464)
In many mexican and Chinese-American households, the maternal grandmother is the preferred caregiver for young grandchildren. (T/F)?
(Page ref. 547)
Nathan and Sarah have been married for 24 years.  When asked to name her best friend, Sarah says, Nathan."  Research indicates that Sarah's viewing of Nathan as her best friend____________.
contributes greatly to her marital happiness. (D)
(Page ref. 533)
According to Levinson, wide individual differences exist in the weight of central and peripheral components of a person's____________.
life structure. (D)
(Page ref. 469)
List the advantages and disadvantages of the decision to have children.
Advantages:  warmth and affection, stimulation and fun, seen as a mature community member, carry on family name, sense of accomplishment, decrease selfish nature, and family resources.

Didadvantages:  role overload, financial stain, loss of freedom, affect mother's job, imperfect world, adds to worries, reduded time with partner, loss of privacy, and fear of "bad" children.
Women are more likely than men to initiate divorce, and those who do fare somewhat better in psychological well-being. (T/F)?
(Page ref. 544)
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