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_____ therapy is used to try to change people who are gay or lesbian to heterosexuals.
Many lesbians have expressed concern that men are given precedence over women when the term _____ is used by itself to refer to both genders.
_____ refers to a person’s internal psychological self-concept of being either male or female.
Gender identity
A _____ person is romantically and sexually attracted to members of either gender.
In surgeries for transgender people, _____ operations have been more common than the reverse.
_____ refers to a person’s erotic and emotional orientation toward members of his or her own gender or members of the other gender.
Sexual orientation
The largest percentage of child molesting is done to young girls by:
Heterosexual males 
_____ percent of new AIDS cases are diagnosed among racial and ethnic minorities.
Approximately _____ percent of new HIV infections are in women of color.
70 to 75
According to Kinsey’s study, about ____ percent of men were gay throughout their lives.
Kinsey found that ______ of American men had homosexual experiences leading to orgasm during their adolescent or adult lives.
Over one-third 
According to Kinsey’s study, _____ percent of women had homosexual experiences by the age of 40.
On Kinsey’s six-point scale concerning sexual experiences, a rating of _____ meant mostly heterosexual with incidental homosexual experience.
_____ studied the brains of forty-one cadavers to determine if there was any difference between gay men and heterosexual men.
The following is (are) ideas involved in Storms’ interactionist theory: Select one: a. Sex drive for some people emerges earlier than for other people b. Gay/lesbian people never become interested in the opposite gender c. Being gay or lesbian is biologically determined before people reach adolescence d. All of the above Incorrect e. a and b only
 a and b only
Bell and colleagues used a statistical method called _____, which allowed the researchers to explore possible causal relationships between variables and the development of sexual orientation.
Path analysis
Bell and colleagues found that: Select one: a. In both males and females, sexual orientation appears to emerge by the time of early adolescence b. Gay/lesbian people tend to be subjects of gender nonconformity during childhood c. Homosexuals and heterosexuals have a similar amount of heterosexual experience during childhood and adolescence d. All of the above are true Correct e. Only a and b are true
All of the above
Bell and colleagues found that: Select one: a. There was a relationship between being gay and having been seduced by a person of the same gender when young b. Gender nonconformity was a much stronger causal factor for gay men than for lesbians Correct c. The anterior hypothalamus in gay men was larger than that in heterosexual men d. Heterosexual men have lower levels of testosterone than gay men
Gender nonconformity was a much stronger causal factor for gay men than for lesbians
_____ is the irrational hatred, fear, or dislike of homosexuals and bisexuals.
One Gallup Poll cited that _____ percent of Americans surveyed responded that they did not consider homosexuality an acceptable alternative lifestyle.
When examining heterosexual married couples, heterosexual unmarried couples, and gay and lesbian couples, which of the following was found:
There are striking similarities across family forms in terms of problem-solving strategies adopted, and what is valued
According to the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, which of the following is the first stage in the coming out process: Select one: a. Sharing with family and friends that one is lesbian or gay b. Publicly acknowledging one’s sexual orientation c. Getting to know other gay/lesbian people within the gay/lesbian communities d. None of the above 
None of the above
Studies have found that: Select one: a. There is some evidence that gay men have a greater number of partners than do heterosexual men Correct b. Heterosexual men are more likely to accept non-monogamy than are their gay counterparts c. Heterosexual couples placed higher value on security, permanence, and togetherness than lesbian couples d. The physiological responses of gay and lesbian people are drastically different than those of heterosexuals
There is some evidence that gay men have a greater number of partners than do heterosexual men 
Some studies on sexual interaction have found that gay men and lesbians ______ than straight people. Select one: a. Tend to be more open to new techniques b. Take more time c. Pay more attention to the ways in which they interact sexually d. All of the above Correct e. a and c only
All of the above
About _____ percent of Americans indicate that the government should expend greater effort in establishing and defending gay rights.
Under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military:
More than 10,000 service members have been fired for homosexuality since its inception
On May 17, 2004, _____ became the first state in the nation to legalize gay marriage.
In 2000, _____ passed a law allowing gay and lesbian people to form civil unions that provide essentially the same rights and responsibilities as those in a heterosexual marriage.
All of the following countries have legal same-sex marriage except:
The following suggestions are appropriate for social workers who work with gay and lesbian people who are “coming out”: Select one: a. Talk about what being gay or lesbian is really like b. Encourage them to reconsider a heterosexual lifestyle c. Address the issue of self-concept d. All of the above are helpful Incorrect e. Only a and c are helpful
Only a and c are helpful
When lesbian or gay parents teach their children that it is more appropriate to refer to and talk about sexual orientation in some instances than in others, this is referred to in the text as:
Situational ethics
Which of the following is true: Select one: a. Mormons stopped practicing polygamy in the United States in the 1900s b. Marriages were not conducted by the Roman Catholic church until the 18th century in England c. Slaves were not permitted to marry in the United States until the Emancipation Proclamation Correct d. The
U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws forbidding marriage between whites and people of color in 1949
Slaves were not permitted to marry in the United States until the Emancipation Proclamation
Lesbian and gay people may adjust better to aging than do heterosexual people based on the principles of mastery of independence and mastery of:
The first stage of coming out involves:

Coming out to oneself
Which of the following is true: Select one: a. In homosexual couples, one will always choose the dominant role and the other will choose the feminine role b. Gay men are more likely to molest children than their heterosexual counterparts c. Men are much more likely to contract AIDS through heterosexual sex than are women d. The spread of AIDS is growing much faster in the heterosexual population than the homosexual population 
The spread of AIDS is growing much faster in the heterosexual population than the homosexual population 
A homosexual is a person who is attracted primarily to people of the same gender to satisfy their sexual and affectional needs.
The word homosexual is derived from the Latin word homo which means “man.”
Gay men generally prefer the term “gay” to “homosexual.”
Gender identity refers to a person’s erotic and emotional attraction towards members of the same gender, members of the other gender, or both.
Gender identity and choice of sexual partner mean the same thing.
People whose gender identity is the opposite of their biological gender prefer the term transsexual rather than transgender.
Gay men typically look extremely feminine, while lesbians, on the other hand, appear to be very masculine.
In any particular gay or lesbian couple, one individual will choose a “masculine” dominant role and the other a “feminine” submissive role.
More children are molested by homosexual men than heterosexual men.
Heterosexual men are more likely than gay men to molest children.
It is probably impossible to state exactly how many people are lesbian or gay.
There is no well-established cause of homosexuality.
LeVay studied the brains of cadavers and found no differences between the brains of heterosexual and gay men.
There is clear evidence that hormones influence the predisposition of sexual orientation prenatally.
Homophobia may be people’s attempts to deny homosexual feelings in themselves.
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