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The office of constable carried no salary and the duties were often very dangerous.
Today policing is felt to be in yet another era, that of community policing and problem solving.
Which of the following was not part of the police uniform of London's first constables?
Name tag with number
Which of the following did not make the old system of policing obsolete?
One of August Vollmer's contributions to policing included:
All of the above
The President's Crime Commission brought policing "full circle," restating several of the same principles that were laid out by:
Sir Robert Peel.
Police corruption surfaced recently in policing.
The baton (known as a truncheon) was the first weapon police carried on patrol.
Colonial sheriffs were paid a fixed amount of money for each task performed; the more they worked, the higher the fees.
In America, the sheriff's duties include all but which one of the following?
Issuing Warrants
The justice of the peace was rewarded in proportion to the number of persons convicted.
In England, the justice of the peace was:
Nominated by the King
Agencies contributing data to the Uniform Crime Reports send their information to the:
Which of the following is not a primary function of the Department of Homeland Security - Border and Transportation Security directorate?
Searching for the illegal entry of counterfeit money across the border
The Internal Revenue Service's Criminal Investigation Division:
monitors and collects of federal income taxes from U.S. individuals and businesses.
The National Crime Information Center stores records relating to stolen property, missing persons, and fugitives.
Which of the following is not a major function of the United States Marshals Service?
Protecting the president
The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center:
is the Unites States' largest law enforcement training center.
The Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service investigates possible income tax violations.
The CIA participates in covert operations solely in the United States.
The backbone of the United States Marshals Service is the Deputy U.S. Marshal force.
The Uniform Crime Reports are commonly criticized by scholars and others engaged in crime research.
Which of the following is not a major problem with the UCR?
The data, being incomplete and spurious, are unfit for use by researchers.
The National Crime Information Center is operated by the:
Police departments never recruit special groups (e.g., minorities, gays) of people because that is illegal.
Only about 20% of all police agencies use the oral interview with other tests to screen applicants.
________ prevents many women from applying and causes many female officers to leave policing.
Gender bias and Sexual harassment
Desirable psychological qualities of police officers include:
logical skills, a people orientation, incorruptible.
________ tests are commonly used to exclude police applicants with personality disorders.
Psychological screening
A high IQ has been established to be more an asset for police officers, as they will have greater overall success.
The most significant investment police agencies make is in the ________ of personnel.
selecting and training, testing, recruitment
The oral interview is best suited for determining:
how one would react in hypothetical situations.
Police applicants are primarily motivated by:
job security
The ________ is used by more than 90% of all police agencies as part of the selection process.
oral interview
The most important element of the police selection process is probably the:
character investigation.
Suspicion and cynicism are two staple aspects of the police personality
The grapevine's most effective characteristic is that it is
fast, supplements formal communication, operates mostly at the place of work.
The results of NYPD's Compstat have been unimpressive, with increases in crime in most of the city's precincts.
All of the following elements compose the communication process except
Which of the following is not a part of the four-step process that became the essence of Compstat?
Aggressive use of field interrogation techniques of suspicious looking persons
Organizations are:
unique, and can also be bureaucracies
Under span of control, the number of people who can be adequately supervised is small, normally three to five
Rules and regulations are:
specific directives that leave little or no latitude for individual discretion, like not smoking in public.
The administration of most police organizations is based on
the traditional, pyramidal, quasi-military organizational structure.
The term span of control is the principle concerns:
the number of persons one individual can effectively supervise
Policies are:
general and serve basically as guides to thinking rather than action.
New York's Compstat has semi-weekly, high-stress brain-storming sessions where field commanders are grilled about crime in their areas.
As a "decision maker," a police CEO acts as all but which of the following?
A spokesperson
Much of what a patrol officer does is not crime-related; it is order-maintenance in nature.
The success of the entire law enforcement agency is generally dependent on the skill and work of the patrol officer.
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