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1. What is designated as the single approval authority for request for records dispositions to the National Archives? (Page I -1)
2. The disposition of Government records is given legal status by what? (Page I-1)
Records Disposal Act of 1943
3. What article of the US Navy Regulations states that no person, without proper authority,  shall withdraw official records or correspondence from the files, or destroy them, or withhold them from those persons authorized to have access to them? (Page I -1) 
Article 1127
4. SECNAVINST 5510.30(series) and what else provides for the destruction of classified matter? (Page I-1) 
SECNA V M-5510.36
5. What store records in cardboard cartons on steel shelving in, warehouse-type space? (Page I-2)
Federal Records Centers (FRC)
6. Activities are authorized to transfer records to FRCs without departmental approval when the quantity of a particular record series is less than what? (Page I-2) 
1 cubic foot
7. What accessions records that have sufficient research  legal, scientific, historical, or other values to warrant their permanent preservation by the Government? (Page I-2)
8. The Federal Records Center (FRC) will forward records destruction request to the organization/owner as stated on the SF-135 via, a NA Form 13001, "Notice of lntent to Destroy Records". This will be done how many days prior to the date that the records disposition allows the records to be destroyed? (Page I-3) 
9. Who of the United States is authorized to grant access to or release information from the permanent Navy and Marine Corps unclassified records in NARA's legal custody per the Freedom of Information Act? (Page I-4) 
10. Requests for FRC reference services shall be made in writing on what, directly to the Records Center by the requesting activity? (Page I-4) 
Optional Form (OF) 11
11. Records transferred to the custody of the FRCs may be withdrawn for reference on a how many-day loan basis? (Page I-4) 
12.  Unless required by law, NARA will not remove or relax restrictions placed upon records less than how many years old without the concurrence in writing of CNO (DNS-5), or CMC (ARDB) for Marine Corps activities? (Page I-4) 
13. What are documentary materials, or any reasonably segregable portion thereof, in any media including hard copy or electronic, of a private or nonpublic character that do not relate to, or have an effect upon, the conduct of agency business? (Page I -5) 
"Personal Paper"
15. General Administration and Management files containing correspondence on industrial methods that are destroyed after how many years? (Page I -7)
16. Non-record email, when practical, shall be destroyed within how many days of creation? (Page I-8)
1. What records are to be held by the naval activity or an FRC for the prescribed retention period and then destroyed? (Page II-1) 
2. Naval/Marine Corps records appraised as what are few in volume, but these records are vital because they protect Navy and Marine Corps interests and document significant experiences? (Page II-1) 
3. Records retention standards are numbered according to what? (Page II-1)
SECNAV Manual M-5210.2
4. What is the directive that requires activities to establish a Reports"'4ariagement Program and prepare Reports Analysis Data Forms (OPNAV 5214/10) Report Control Symbol (OPNAV 5214-1)? (Page II-1)
SECNAV Manual M-5214.1
5. Retention periods of less than what should be recommended only for bulky, rapidly accumulating file series? (Page II-2)
1 year
6. Recommendations for new or revised standards should be submitted on what? (Page II -2)
Standard Form 115
7. Normally NARA accessions permanent when they are how many years old? (Page II-2) 
  8. Offers of permanent records to NARA on a what will be made via the administrative chain of command to CNO (DNS-5) and CMC (ARDB)? (Page II-3) SF258
1. For general correspondence not covered by another SSIC, apply the following: retain on board until records are how many years old? (Page III -1-2) 
2. Transfer to FRC when case is closed. Destroy how many years after case is closed for Board of Review, Discharges, and Dismissal Official Case Files? (Page III-1-3) 
1. What is vital to the success of any organization and provides the basis for management decisions? (Page 9) 
2. What is defined as the review and control of individual information collections to ensure efficient response to management requirements? (Page 9) 
Information Control
3. What is defined as the development or improvement of collections and information systems? (Page 9) 
Information Collection Analysis
4. What in particular often provide a rapid, secure, and convenient means of collecting information? (Page 9) 
Web based collections
5. All instructions, notices, and change transmittals; administrative publications and manuals; general messages; and messages and correspondence containing material of a directive nature are known as what? (Page 9) 
Administrative Issuances
6. What is defined as information collected, stored, retrieved, and  submitted when requested? (Page 1 0)
As Required Report
7. What is defined as the time, effort, or financial resources expended by persons to provide information to a Federal agency? (Page 10) 
8. Who will submit all information concerning the information requirement to the Command Information Management Control Manager for approval? (Page 13) 
Action Officer
9. The action officer will review the collection prior to the expiration of the information collection within how many days? (Page 13) 
10. What is the form number for a Report Analysis Data Form? (Page 20)
OPNAV 5214/10
11. You should ensure information requirements are not authorized for longer than how long from the date of the administrative issuance establishing the information collection? (Page 20)
3 Years
12. Who will review the documentation and decide if the information collection should be approved? (Page 21) 
Information Management Control Manager
13.In what way should the arrangement of Case Folders be in relation to the Report Control Symbol? (Page 21) 
14. SECNAV and OPNAV Report Control Symbols are assigned by what? (Page 22)
15. USMC Report Control Symbols are assigned by what? (Page 22) 
16. What indicates that the information collection has been reviewed and approved as a valid requirement and the respondents have the responsibility of providing the requested information? (Page 22)
Report Control Symbol
17. What is the abbreviation for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations? (Page 22)
18. What words must be placed on an information collection if it is to be transmitted during MINIMIZE conditions? (Page 25) 
19. Which instruction covers counterintelligence, personnel security, and other investigative surveys and reports? (Page 26)
20. Who must approve each request to collect information from the public? (Page 28)
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
21. This manual implements the policy set forth in which instruction? (Page 3)
22. What is defined as the functional area expression of need for data or information to carry out specified and authorized functions or management purposes that require the establishment of maintenance of forms or formats, or information management collection or record keeping systems, manual or automated? (Page 10) 
Information Requirement
23. What is defined as an information collection that remains within one organizational structure for its own use? (Page 11) 
Internal Information Collection
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