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1. Caroline is writing a recommendation for one of her former employees. What is the best comnmnication channel for Caroline to use to send this message to a potential employer? P202
Business Letter
2. Luke is writing a letter to a local company to ask about internship opportunities. What should he do first? P202
Business Letter
3. Jeremy is working on a business letter and is in the third phase of the 3-x-3 writing process. fie has already revised his letter for clarity and has proofread the letter for correctness. What is left in this plJ.ase for Jeremy to do? P204
Adding graphic highlighting if possible
4. Kathryn booked a hotel through a local travel agency. Her accOriunodations were not as the ent described. Although she stayed inthe hotel she was very unhappy and feels that the agent is at fault. 'file best way for Kathryn to communicate heu!nhappiness with the accommodations would be top p202
Business Letter
5. You must ask a series of questions in a routine request letter. What is the best way to present these questions?p205
Using graphic devices such as a numbered or bulleted list
6. Tatiana is writing a letter to a local nonprofit agency and wants to make sure that the letter will build goodwill with the organization. What should Tatiana do to achieve a goodwill tone in her letter? P206
  • Present the message from the reader's perspective
  • Emphasize the your view
  • Point out benefits to the reader
  • Be sensitive to words that may suggest bias
  • Frame your ideas positively
7. Which of the following statements best demonstrates a goodwill tone? P206
We can send your order April 1.
8. Which statement about formatting business letters is most accurate? P206
  • Set side margins between 1 and 1.5 inches
  • Start the date 2 inches from the top edge of the paper or 1 blank line below the letterhead
  • Allow 5 lines after the date
9. Magdalena is writing a letter to a company to ask about its software for removing malware (malicious software) from her company's network. Which is the best opening statement for her letter? P206-207
10. Which question will elicit the most information when asked in a letter requesting informatio:P and action?p207
11. Which of the following is the best closing sentence for a letter requesting information?p208
12. Which of the following statements about straightforward claims is most accurate?p208
13. Which of the following is the best opening for a straightforward claim 1etter?p208
14. Which of the following is the most effective subject line for a direct reply letter?p212
15. Which of the following is the best ending sentence for a direct reply letter?p212
16. Which of the following is the best opening for an adjustment letter?p214-216
17. Which of the following is the best statement to include in a goodwill message?p219-221
18. Cassidy is planning to write a sales letter. The first thing she should do is p237
Analyze the purpose
19. You are writing a sales letter for a new hybrid car and have decided to focus the letter on how a person driving the car will be helping the environment. This can best be accomplished by p238
20. Wayne has analyzed his purpose and his audience and has considered how he will adapt his message to meet his audience's needs. What should he do next according to the 3-x-3 writing process? P238
Research and organize data
21. Shaun plans to submit a proposal to his boss but he's afraid his boss will oppose his ideas. What should he do first in his proposal? p239
Provide a thoughtful, proactive opening through:
  • Problem description
  • An unexpected statement
  • Reader benefit
  • Compliment
  • Related facts
  • Stimulating question
22. In a letter advertising its recycling services Blue Spruce Recycling stresses that donors will feel the satisfaction of_knowing that they have helped to preserve the environment. J1ris persuasive technique relies on ______ p239
Reader Benefit
23. In a letter advertising its GMAT preparation classes Sylvania Learning Center includes this sentence: More than 90 percent of those taking our preparation class pass the GMAT the first time.This persuasive technique relies on ______ p239
Reader Benefit maybe Related facts
24. The statement A Hewlett-Packard printing system may cost a Iittie more but it will produce documents of a fzigher quality than the other printers we are considering _____ p240
Reducing Resistance?
25. To start your home water delivery service immediately call us at J-800-555-1111 is an example of ______ p240
Motivating Action
26. In which of the following situations is the writer being unethical? p241
27. Using the statement "Our dishonest accountant should be fired" without supplying solid evidence is an example of ____ p241
Unethical business communication
28. Which of the following situations requires an indirect strategy? p242
The indirect pattern is appropriate for business messages that request favors and actions.
29. In persuading the owner of your company to allow you to telecommute which of the following illustrates an indirect benefit to the reader? p242
30. Which of the following messages moving downward from superiors to subordinates will most likely require persuasion? P245
Requests that ask employees to participate in capacities outside their typical work roles.
31. Jacqueline wants to convince her supervisor to invest in new iPhones for the sales staff. What is the best thing Jacqueline can do in her proposal? P245-246
Make a strong case for saving money?
32. Which of the following sentences convey the best tone for a persuasive request within an organization? p245-246
33. Jonathan has a wireless router that stopped working properly within the warranty period. He plans to write a claim letter to the company. Because he feels his request to have his router repaired at no cost is justified and will be granted he should use _____ p248
The direct pattern in a persuasive claim or complaint letter
34. Which of the following situations would require a persuasive claim or complaint letter? P248
Damaged products, mistaken billing, inaccurate shipments, warranty problems, return policies, insurance snafus, faulty merchandise, and so on.
35. Brady is writing a sales letter to advertise the services provided by his day spa. In the letter he mentions rest, relaxation, and spoiling oneself for the day. Brady is using what type of appeal? p252
Emotional Appeal
36. Sheree has ended a sales letter with the sentence Sign up by October 30 to get a 15 percent discount on your first year's dues. What technique is she using to motivate action?p254-255
Setting a deadline
37. Mary Anne is writing a sales letter to a company in Japan which is a high-context culture. What should she do to make sure she is persuasive with this audience? p257
  • Use indirect expressions
  • Use expressions of politeness, honorifics, flowery language, wishful requests.
  • Soft-sell approach
  • Relationship appeal
  • Collectivist view- emphasis on we
38. Amber will be writing a bad-news letter to a customer and wants to follow the four-part indirect plan. In what order should she organize her letter? p276
  • Buffer
  • Reasons
  • Bas news
  • Closing
39. Gordon must write a bad-news message to a client telling her that his report will be late. What should he do first? P276"
Buffer- Introduce the message with a neutral statement that makes the reader continue reading.
40. In a recommendation letter Gavin falsely accuses former employee Carly of being lazy in performing her job. This action is considered to be ___________ p277
Abusive language
41. Which of the following is the best example of an effective buffer in a bad-news letter telling a job applicant that the position has been filled? P278-279
  • Best news
  • Compliment
  • Appreciation
  • Agreement
  • Facts
  • Understanding
42. Chavi has decided that she must apologize to a customer in her buffer. Which of the following is the best example of an effective apology? p279-280
  • Accept responsibility
  • Explain what you will do to prevent recurrence of the problem
43. Select the best opening for a letter from a local nonprofit organization that refuses a request for a charitable donation. P278-279
44. Which of the following sentences uses the passive voice to present the bad news? P282
The passive voice depersonalizes an action. Take the action doer out of the sentence.
45. In which of the following sentences has the bad news been placed in a subordinate clause? P282
46. The most effective statement in a letter refusing a request for a donation from an outsider would be _____ p283
47. Which is the most effective statement in a letter to a customer about an order for which the customer has not yet paid? p290
48. Which is the most effective statement in a letter to a customer denying a claim? p291
49. Max discovered that one of his employees has filed a fraudulent expense claim. What is the best advice for Max to deliver the bad news to this employee tactfully professionally
50. High Tech Solutions is in a budget crunch and plans to make major layoffs next month. What is the best advice for communicating this crisis to employees? p294-295
Hard copy memos should be used rather than email
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