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1. What are Colgan Air’s guiding principles? Preface-xxix
Never compromise safety, Commitment to Communication, Financial Responsibility, Ethics and Values, Commitment to Personal Development, Respect for all Colgan Air Inc people, Customer service, Commitment to Stakeholders. Preface-xxix
2. Who is responsible for the policies, procedures, processes, and forms detailed within the FOM? 1-3
The manual owner, which is the Director of Flight Operations
3. Company produced manuals are maintained and distributed by? 1-4
Tech Pubs
4. Where can a crewmember find current manual status for the FOM? 1-4
Employee website access through or Voice recording at 1-800-544- 4547.
5. What are change bars that are found within the FOM? 1-5
Changes, other than typographical corrections or minor editorial changes are indicated by vertical change bar (|) in the left margin area.
6. What is the Transmittal/Acknowledgement sheet? What does it do? 1-6
The Transmittal/Acknowledgement Sheet includes instructions for adding, deleting or replacing pages and is accompanied by a Summary of Revision that highlights any policy or procedural change associated with the revision. The manual holder must sign and return this sheet to the location indicated on the Transmittal/Acknowledgement Sheet.
7. Can the FOM be loaned or given to a person outside the Company? Be copied or reproduced without company consent? 1-6
8. What can a crewmember use to report field problems, manual errors, improvement suggestions, accident/incident follow-up reporting, or other safety related concerns? 1-10
Feedback Reporting Form
9. Name different types of Safety reporting forms? 1-13
Aircraft/Equipment/Facilities Damage Report, Feedback reporting form, Cabin Safety Report, Disruptive Passenger Incident Report, Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Report, Injury Report, Ground Safety and Hazard Reporting Program, Undeclared Dangerous Good Discrepancy Report, and Irregularity Event Report.
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