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1. What is the age range for a person to be considered a “Child”? 11-6
Age 2 to 12
2. What are the standard average weights for crewmembers and equipment? 11-9
Crewmember Average Weight Average Weight with Bags Flight Crewmember 190 240 Flight Attendant 170 210 Crewmember Roller Bag 25 N/A Pilot Flight Bag 20 N/A Flight Attendant Kit 10 N/A NOTE: The weight of required Crewmembers, Pilot flight bags and Flight Attendant kit is included in the BOW of each aircraft
3. What are the standard average passenger weights? 11-10
Average Passenger Weight Weight Per Passenger (Saab 340) Weight Per Passenger (Q400) Summer Weights Average Adult Passenger 184 190 Average Child (2-12) 76 82 Winter Weights Average Adult Passenger 189 195 Average Child (2-12) 81 87 NOTE: Summer weights are used from May 1 to October 31 and winter weights are used from November 1 to April 30
4. What are the standard average passenger baggage weights? 11-10
Passenger Baggage Weight Per Bag (Saab 340) Weight Per Bag (Q400) Carry-on bag loaded planeside 20 30 Checked Bag 30 30 Heavy Bag 60 60
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