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1. Does Colgan Air transport Dangerous Goods (DG) Company Materials (COMAT)? 12-1
2. What is the only exception to the carriage of DG COMAT that is allowed? 12-7
A tire assembly with a serviceable tire provided the tire is not inflated to a gauge pressure exceeding the maximum rated pressure for the tire
3. What are some exceptions to the carriage of DG allowed for passengers and crewmembers? 12-8
• Nonradioactive medicinal and toilet articles (including aerosols) • Small-arms ammunition for personal use • Heart pacemakers • Dry ice (carbon dioxide, solid), in quantities not exceeding 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) per person • Alcoholic beverages containing not more than 24% alcohol by volume OR more than 24% and not more than 70% alcohol by volume when in unopened retail packaging not exceeding 5 liters (1.3) gallons • Carbon dioxide gas cylinders worn by passengers for the operation of mechanical limbs • Hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas • A mercurial barometer or thermometer • A small medical or clinical mercury thermometer for personal use • A wheelchair or other battery-powered mobility aid equipped with a spillable/nonspillable battery • One book of safety matches or one lighter intended for use by an individual • Portable electronic devices (for example, cameras, cellular phones, laptop computers, and camcorders) powered by fuel cell systems • Consumer electronic and medical devices (watches, calculating machines, cameras, cellular phones, lap-top and notebook computers, camcorders, etc.) containing lithium cells or batteries Note: See FOM pg 12-8 for exceptions and limitations on each of these examples
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