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1. Where should a PIC land in the event of an engine failure or when an engine is shut down to prevent possible damage? 13-4
At the nearest suitable airport
2. In the event of an evacuation what are some of the PIC duties? 13-7
• Complete flight deck duties • Assess conditions in the cabin • Open forward exits, if still closed – Priority of Forward Passenger Door • Assist passengers in exiting the aircraft • Once all passengers are off the aircraft, or if life is in danger the Pilot In Command exits the aircraft. If necessary, remove incapacitated Flight Attendants from aircraft • Assist in keeping passengers upwind of aircraft, ask an Able Body Person to assist • Take charge of all passengers and Crewmembers. Keep people together, away from aircraft • Do not allow passengers to smoke or to reenter the aircraft • Supervise provisions of first aid and shelter
3. In the event of an evacuation what are some of the SIC duties? 13-7
• Complete flight deck duties • Exit out hatch or forward exit • Assess exits and evacuation conditions on aircraft right • If not yet done, open forward exits • Assist passenger in exiting the aircraft • Assist the Flight Attendant and Pilot In Command
4. What services does MedLink provide? 13-8
The MedLink service can connect Flight Crews directly with board certified emergency room physicians specially trained to handle emergencies in remote locations by radio, flight phone or telephone. MedLink also coordinates ground medical support when required
5. How can flight crews contact MedLink? 13-8
Through commercial phone or by ARINC
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