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Max headwind
50 kts
Max tail wind
10 kts
Max xwind
Max crosswind manual/restricted rudder
12 kts
Max crosswind landing poor braking
Mu >45 =30kts Mu 40-44 =22kts (good/wet) Mu 36-39 19kts (good/med) Mu 30-35 16kts (med) Mu 26-29 14kts (med/poor) Mu 21-25 12kts (poor) Mu <20 (nil) not authorized [TO Prohibited with reported POOR/ Mu <25 braking]
Vmo/Mmo MD82/83
Turbulent penetration
250 below 10,000
>10,000 (82/83) 285/.79
AC Volts
AC Freq
DC Volts
Eng Gen overload
>1.5 for 5sec 1.5 for 5min 1.0 max cont
APU Gen load
(ground) 1.25 Flight FL250 .7
TR Load
Max 1.0 0.3 difference between two
Min battery volt
(no load) 25 (charger powered, on) 31+/-6
Max battery charging Amp
Steady 65 Pulse 0-40
Max battery discharge with emer pwr ON
50 Amps (needle right deflection)
Min fuel for dispatch
4,000lbs in each main tank
Min fuel for go around
500lbs per main tank
Max fuel imbalance
1,500 lbs
Max AUX tank imbalance
400 lbs
Wing tanks combined
18,200 lbs
Center tank capacity
20,600 lbs
AUX tanks combined
3,800 lbs
Fuel heat OFF for:
TO, landing
Engine anti-ice on
6°c and below Visible moisture and/or Temp/dew point spread 3°c or less
Do NOT use airfoil anti-ice
Above 10°c RAT
In flight, use eng/airfoil ice protection
With RAT between +6 and -15 and ice conditions present
Gear extension speed
Gear retraction speed
Min flight crew O2 pressure
1,300 PSI
Max EGT before adding fuel during start
Max EGT engine start
500° ground
625° flight
Ignition time limits
toggle Override: 2 on, 3 off, 2 on, 23 off Rotary (A/B/both/override) 10 on, 10 off
Max reverse thrust EPR
1.6 Dry 1.3 Wet
Max TO/Lndg slope
TO +1.7/-2.0% Lndg +/-2.0%
Max TO/Lndg Alt
Contaminated runway TO/LNDG
TO-4\" dry snow or 1/2\" wet snow/slush/standing water LNDG- 6\" dry snow or 1\" wet snow/slush/standing water
Min TO/LNDG temp
Max structural weights -83, -88
Taxi 161,000 TO 160,000 Lndg 139,500 Zero fuel 122,000
Min alt for AP engagement
500 HAA
Mach trim comp inop max mach speed
82, 83, 88 =.78 87 =.76
Min HYD quantity for dispatch
5 qts (on gauge)
Tail deice must be cycled
•1 min prior to lndg flap extension •Every 20 min in ice •Prior to airfoil sys OFF
Max brake temp for TO
Tire limit speed
Max pneumatic press for x-bleed start
Min press for pneumatic x-bleed start
36psi -1psi per 1,000ft above SL
APU start cycle
2 starts, 90 sec each 5 min cooling 3rd start, 90 sec 60 min cooling
APU EGT start limits
760°c for 30sec
Engine starter cycle
90 sec on, 5 min off 30 sec on, 5 min off (after 15 min new cycle of 90 sec ok)
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