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driver who is under 21 years of age with a provisional license can have their license automatically suspended if they are convicted of two or more moving violations within any _____month period.


A spotlight is considered to be __________ equipment in your state.


At what time of the day should your headlights be turned on?

One-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise

If you are a minor and show any detectable amount of alcohol, but less than 0.08% which is the legal limit, you will have your driver\'s license suspended for _____ days for the second offense.


Select the correct penalty for a minor convicted of a second offense of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. fine not to exceed ___


What is the correct penalty to the first offense for minors convicted of a nondriving alcohol-related offense.

. Fine + 8 to 12 hours of Community Service

What is the minimum age at which you can get a Class C driver license without either driver education or being a hardship case?


Which vehicle class includes a car? class _


drivers become subject to the liability insurance law when crash damages amount to at least ____ to property of person


\"In a passenger car or truck (with a manufacturers rated carrying capacity of not more than 1,500 pounds) which of the following must use safety belts? 

____ passengers


Not including thinking and reaction distance, at 20 miles per hour, lawful brakes should stop a car within __ ft


When making a right or left turn. keep as close to the __ edg of the road


\"When possible, pedestrians should walk

on the left side of the road facing traffic 

on a ____


You may never drive on the left half of the road. when you are ____ feet of an intersection or crosswalk


Alcohol is responsible for ____ of all American highway deaths.

one half

An excellent rule of thumb when a car shares the road with a truck is -

If you can\'t see the truck driver in his side mirror, he can\'t see you.

When driving in fog, heavy rain, sleet or snow.

Dim your headlamps.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) first offense is a class ____ misdemeanor


The suspension of the driving privilege by a minor (1st offense) for refusing to submit a sample of breath or blood for alcohol analysis is ___ days


When entering a freeway, who has the right of way vehicle ___ on freeway


When towing another vehicle or trailer, the chain, rope, cable, or other connection cannot be further than ____ feet from one vehicle to another.


to or f - An average person can eliminate 1 ounce of alcohol per hour.


t or f - Because larger people have more blood and fluids than smaller persons, they can consume more alcohol without as much negative effects.


How many children and teens smoke their first cigarette each day?


Research shows that using this product causes even more dangerous problems with your respiratory system than tobacco.


The concentration level in determining the BAC is how many drops of alcohol per drops of blood.

1 drop of alcohol per 1000 drops of blood

It is illegal for a person under 21 years of age to drive with a blood alcohol concentration ( BAC) that is _________ or more.


When merging onto a freeway, you should be drivin

At or near the same speed as the freeway traffic

When you change Lanes or merge with another lane, you

Need at least a four second gap in Traffic

What color? Stop or prohibiton


What color? Indicated movements permitted, direction guidance


What color? motorists service guidance


What color? General warning


What color? Regulation


What color? constructuon and maintence warning


What color?

What color? public recreation and scenic gudance